Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Making Lists

I have a journal. It started off as a journal anyway, but now it contains mostly lists. Lists help me see things more clearly...they help me remember. They help me plan and organise. I recommend lists.
I write lists for many things. It really started off as shopping lists, which I'm sure most of us do, and then it went to dinner lists, which then helped me make a more precise shopping list. I have written lists for Christmas gifts for the kids since they were babies....having 6 kids you need to be a really good planner and make the presents appear equal...lol...

I believe that doing this helps you save money. You don't double buy for starters, or buy unnecessary items that sit in your fridge or cupboard.

I do basic titles for shopping. Meat, cold, fruit and veg, cleaning and other. It works well. Mostly I buy my fruit and veg from the markets where I can get fresh organic and or chemical free produce, plus, growing my own or swapping really helps too.

Currently I am writing a list.....the list is how much money our family is spending. I have never done this before and just curious as to where the money goes each week. I have a sneaking suspicion we waste a whole lot of money on nothing, and I am hoping to discover a pattern, and remedy the spending, and use the money for better. More holidays, donating, who knows, but that is the plan.

On another note, I have decided to create some order on this blog.
I haven't figured out the ins and outs of what the themes will be each day but I am thinking of a run down each day of maybe cooking, in the garden, homeschooling, saving money, crafting, and that's all that I can come up with at the moment...or maybe making each one of these themes ...I will contemplate more on it, and I am sure I will write a list...lol...

And nothing to do with lists....but....last night we had some olives I cured myself. They were absolutely delicious. They take a few months until they are ready, but well worth the wait.

And here's is my beautiful puppy...isn't he adorable...

Ok...I am off to do some more list writing.
Until nxt time
Lots of it

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