Friday, August 20, 2010

Monday's child...I'll be there for you

I'll be there for you
when the cold wind blows
hold onto your hand
when you walk tippy toe

I'll be ther for you
on the very first day
you walk off to school
"love you...have a great day"

I'll be there for you
when you hurt your knee
when you stumble and fall
you fall from the tree

I'll be there for you
on the first time
someone breaks your precious heart
you'll always have mine

But for now
let me hold you close
sing you a lullaby
"Have sweet dreams little baby...
hush now don't you cry...

I'll be there for you..."

By mandy snow
inspiration has come from this lovely painting...go check out mondays child and give it a go..i just wrote this in 5 minutes...seriously...its not fabulous but i'm very happy with reminds me of how quickly time really does fly with your little ones, and before you know it they are all grown make the most of the hugs and cuddles!!!
maybe not really for a child to read, but it's what came to me to i have the fun of checking out everyone elses poetry're better off doing it this way as you want everything to be your own idea and not get persuaded by the other wonderful poets that enter this challenge...

until next time
lots of it mandy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday's Child..Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa

Staring out the window
Waiting patiently
Trying to see Santa
Just Jacob and me.

Mum said if we are good
In fact, every girl and boy
Will get a visit from Santa
He'll even leave a toy!

all year we tried so hard
To do everything just right
Kept our bedroom tidy
Went to bed at night.

Helped Mum with the dishes
ate up all our tea
Were kind to one another
Tried as hard as can be.

Dear Santa please hurry
Leave the gift under the tree
What present will you bring
For Jacob and me?

Written by mandy Snow
for monday's child
you can find it here...

Illustration by: Henriette Willebeek La Mair 1920's

In our household of 6 children...I am a to my kids when they have been little was all about santa and excitement of running to the tree in the morning and finding a gift...or twenty!!!! with their name on it...they know all the other stuff that goes with christmas now, but, you know i am sure....anticipation is such a wonderful thing to watch in your child christmas eve, and every year all my kids have looked to see if they can see rudolph's red nose in the sky....!!!so this photo reminded me of that...and these 2 look like twins so i wrote this poem from Maddie's point of view...
hope you like it...
until next time
lots of it

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

artistic mother...finally

Oh yes she

I finally got to do a wee bit of craftiness...
not enough mess on for this page, tho i did like it because its nice and quick....
i love this photo of maddie from when she was a toddler...about 3 i think...
this is one of the activities from shona coles book...the artisitic mother...this book is an inspiration...the activities through the book are fun to do...i am not doing some of them as i woud not use them...but so many are wonderful...and times some of them by

so...thanks to trudy for running the artistic mother's group.....
and here it is...hope you ike it...

don't forget to scroll down for my latest poetry...i am so loving writing again!!!!

until next time
lots of it

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday's Child and Kristin's Giveaway...

One Day

I just don't want to be here
I'd rather be at sea
Sailing over the oceans
a pirate's life for me.

Or maybe the king of the land
With a room full of gold
a crown upon my head
People doing as they're told.

Better still a race car driver
In my red car I go so fast
Wheels go spinning, aways winning
Never ever coming last.

then again an astronaut
In my spaceship traveling far
Pressing buttons, floating, flying
Finally reaching that bright star.

But since I'm only seven
Here at school I'll have to stay
Keep on dreaming of what I'll be
One day!

By Mandy Snow is my go with mondays child

the picture is Jessie Wilcox Smith...

check it out here

Kristin also has a giveaway....
she is a talented lady...go check her out!!!here

Until next time
lots of it

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