Sunday, April 8, 2012


My little critter I made for baby Chase.

My Entry for Easter
Jacob and Maddie after finding their loot.

I have been pretty busy of late...thanks to those of you who have asked how things are ....JUST SO BUSY...I have made the decision to home educate all the kids, and that means that I have been programming for a high school child. Rather different but very interesting and I am really looking forward to doing it. But it will mean A LOT of work and it will take my precious crafting time away from me...but I know that it will be rewarding and hopefully, for now, a better way to educate my children.


We started our festivities yeaterday with a lovely day at a local church, playing , riding, hunting laughing, living.

This morning the kids awoke at 6.08...not too bad, searched and found a ton of eggs and goodies. That was all over by ate a lovely egg and mushroom brekky and have hung out relaxing so far. I quickly sewed together this funky little easter bunny for my new great nephew, Chase. And the rest of the day will be spent getting ready for and going to , my sisters house for a great afternoon of hunting and laughter, and food!!

Hope you all have a truly wonderful day celebrating with your loved ones...

Until next time
loits of it

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