Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home is where the heart is...and the kids!!!

Good evening to you all...
May I first start my post with the good news on the lawn bowls front. We woop!!!!We are now officially the top 2 team in pennants and have now advanced to a playoff next week I believe...will let you know how that goes.

Jacob had his specialist appointment today, and for those of you that have children with special medical needs, you would know its something to get worked upoover as you always hope to walk away with answers...we rarely do, but i have learnt to live with that! his lung function test was good, but to be honest, for a kid whose title is acute, life threatening spasmodic croup, i an talking from normal and a few seconds later his airways can collapse, well , it is no great news... i must watch and treat as needed, as i have done the past 9 nearly. years...with winter coming up, i am exhausted just thinking about it!!!he is doing a fitness test next week, so we may find out why he gets so puffy when excercising, and so exhausted and needs rests like a toddler!!!!

Next, i must tell you that artastic are celebrating their first birthday...there are prizes galore, so head on over there...HERE...and you will find the details...
Here is my sample for the inspiration for the month of may...a canvas...i am into them at the moment....

Well...hope you are all safe and well, and I'll catch up with you on your blogs...
Lots of it

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankyou Girls, thankyou Trudy and concussed.... i was warmed by many encouraging break it seems, was over the last week...i hardly commented on anything...but i am slowly getting back into the swing of things...i did become a slave to my computer...hours is an unhealthy amount of time to stay in front of a screen, especially when i could be less than half an hour i can do...thats step one for me...

I have also decided to stay on one dt team until my time runs out...i will have a 6 month break from the other...hugs to you deb, and will look forward to finishing my dt stint after the 6 months...will be better able to cope i other dt spot is due to run out in a month...i love doing dt stuff...but life has just overtaken and i can't give %100 to it at the moment..thanks so much to the lovely girls that have been

I have decided that i love doing other crafts, i crochet, knit and sew...i have not done as much as i like and will not pump out as many layouts so i can achieve this...i now sewing a quilt and crocheting a little cushion cover for jacob...i love to do these things, especially in the leadup up winter!!!!will show them to you when i finish if you
So, thankyou to all the encouragement and understanding....

Next...lucky me...look what i got off trudy today...I was the lucky winner of her giveaway...yeah...they are even more gorgeous in the will laugh, but i was even excited about the cereal box cardboard you used to protect have not travelled very widely and we don't have that cereal in ...australia...lolxxxx

Finally...this morning I had to get some greenery for maddie to take to school to make wreaths for the anzac ceremony....on my way out of the garage, minus my glasses and in a big rush, i ran into the bottom of the garage door....forehead eyes watered!!!!lol...i cried!!!! connor saw me do it and he ran to get an ice pack...well...frozen vegie pack!!!!so hi tech here!!!

I have had a headche all day!!!! the bones in my face are very tender...ouchies!!!!can't smile too hard and frowning hurts soooo much!!!there is a ittle bump and i am hoping that the little bruising i have doesn't turn ugly!!!!!

Yea yeah...i know i am a wuss...but really hurts...

Oh...btw...many of you know i lawn bowl more match to go in pennants and we are on top!!!woop woop!!!!will let you know how tuesday goes...our last match...we must win it to get to the playoffs...wish me luck!!!

Until next time...
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trying to find happiness...guess what this is???

I just read a wonderfully honest blog entry from one of the mums in our artistic mothers was about having a meltdown....this prompted me to be honest as well... guess what? happened to me last week...i thought i was totally going to lose it bigtime!!!!!there are so many things stressing me at the moment, i won't tell you them!!!but you see i can't lose it because there is too much i have to take care will soldier on,and it won't be perfectly... forgive me if i don't comment on your blog for a little while...nor keep up with all the fabulous challenges you put heart is with you , and all the blogs on my list are so important to me....but i need a wee break i think...all my decisions on what i will do from here are up in the air...the coming season is a tricky one for my family with so many dodgy lungs in this household...mmmmm...not fun!!!

so...i will share with you what gave me a laugh today....a bit of happiness in my life...
Maddie triumphantly came up to me just then an said mum...look what i just made...its a wonderful backscratcher!!!!!how good and inventive is it!!!!!
this little drawing she did was so cute i had to frame it...she is just like her i love it!!!!

until next time
lots of it

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sharing my Easter

I thought I would share with you some of my Easter experiences....we had Easter at my house with the family in the afternoon...which consisted of an Easter hunt...another one for the kids after our morning one....we had nibblies and dinner and plenty of easter hugs and chatting....lots of noise, as there always is with my family....I was recovering from being quite unwell and was a tad quiet...but still had a lovely time...
on the spur of a moment decision on monday morning we decided to trek off to the Easter was fantastic...cost too much money...but my kids are a tad it was city meets country sort of thing...Jacob was brave and di channel 7 news...he was sooooo cute....such courage that kid!!!...the kids had a ball , my favourite was the craft and craft hall and the fireworks...the kids loved
well...hope you all had a lovely aster weekend...until next time
lots of it

Friday, April 2, 2010

my creative 2 days...3rd post for the is almost my 2 days of creations...sure you know kelly rae roberts inspired pictures...the girly ones with faces showing...the large one is one of those ring binders...i picked it up for 26 cents from target a few weeks will now be for my designd, ideas and all the other stuff i put on random pieces of paper and lose...took them outside in the grass as i just finished spraying them with clear varnish....sorry for the double up with some photos over the last couple of days...oh

ok...well that will be me until easter is a whole lot of art stuff to clean up...get the house ready for the easter bunny to visit and i have family coming for easter...
happy easter..
til next time...
lots of it

it's very hard...

Don't forget to scroll down for another entry today...i have been busy...

How hard is it to try and find your own style.....i am struggling i have to tell is my first attempt at a my style type of thing....see...told just my first, i wanted it to express what i am in desperate need of doing...oh well...didn't happen with this one, but i thought i'd still share is a cute little bit of love that happened when i was painting....
until next time
lots of it

artastic inspiration...

I can now show you the inspiration from artastic this month...and just a reminder of what i did with the challenge...why not go and check the blog out, do the challenge and i would really appreciate it if you told shazza i sent you over there...just so she knows i vm doing my hee hee...there are really grevt, and many prizes this month...

St Nicholas Circle criteria:
Use this inspiration to scrap your house, the street where you live, beach house, street scape etc......

Note - this does not have to be a winter scene

Added criteria - Each item added to your page = 1 bonus point
1) Lamp
2) Arrowed sign post
3) Bridge
4) Rotunda/Gazebo
5) Green roofed house Total = 5 points

All items have been taken from the painting

wishing you all a gorgeous some chocolate, sleep in, eat yummy food, give your family loads of hugs!!!
until next time
lots of it

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