Wednesday, December 21, 2011

and they sparkled...ppf is a little story to go with my latest art..

.My sister asked my mum last week if she had a nice memory of when she was little. My mum didn't have her dad in her life but she used to visit his mum...her grandma...she had a house and in the backyard her grandma had a sand mum would visit her grandma and go and play in the sandpit ...mostly building sandcastles ...this one particular day mum was feeling a little bit dissatisfied with her she popped off into her grandmas house and went straight to her jewelry drawer..and as luck would have it there was a wonderful pile of pretty coloured beads..of which mum grabbed a handful of...she raced out to her castle and began placing the beads around her castle to decorate it...i have never heard this story about mum and feel so blessed to have heard this little snapshot of her mum had a pretty tough childhood so for me,  and now all ny sisters this story is a  wonderful image to have...My mummy has alzheimers..she has had it for 6 years...she us now currently going through tests to find out what else is wrong with her...after receiving a not so good bloodtest result...we are all hoping everything will be ok...

here is my piece for my sister for christmas...we do a secret santa for the adults and i pulled her name out of the hat...I know she won't see this, but just in case i can't show you the present i bought's gorgeous....and this little art will go with it...

it says on it..

and they sparkled like a rainbow of diamonds...i love arting, yes, it's childlike, but you know what, i think this is my last...i can't seem to do anything else....i got so much joy from doing this piece for my sister...

Until next time
lots of it

Friday, December 2, 2011


So, this is something that I did alittle while  ago and it was one of the very first ARTY sort of things I did since I was a kid. I used pigment pen and drew little images on cardstock then I used water colour, cut them out and created this scrapbook page of my sisters and I. I really loved it back then and I still love it now.I think I will do some more of this style because it;s something that I thoroughly enjoy. I have framed it in a black box frame and I put it up at Christmas...

I am linking this to ppf..I know it's sorta cheating but I consider this as when I sorta started getting arty again and wanted to share it with you all...thanks again for all your lovely encouraging words...i love them...

until next time
lots of it

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