Wednesday, June 30, 2010

winners...domestic goodness and jacob's 1st mixed media piece...

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the most beautiful celebration for my team members and I of the flag unfurling ceremony...yes, it's a bowls competition and many of you would yawn...but it's a great game with so many gorgeous people that play, even Jacob had started to play, so does my very cool son Cameron,, just thought i'd share this photo with you....we were the number 2 pennant team, and to win the flag for your district is a pretty good thing, and it was my first year at pennants too, so i'm doubly

next on the agenda, I can't believe this, but I have fallen in love with vintage aprons and linen, here is my latest buy, not that I have bought many, but i just thought i'd share me bargain ebay buy...gee, if you reall knew me in person you woud soon know that i am a bit of a spill things, especialy when i cook...i wash my hands a million times and wipe them on about 3 tea towes as i cook...o these will be perfect for me...everyone put these on...even hubby...hee hee hee..

next, some random shots...i just spring ceaned the twins room, and bought them this bargain rug, 23 dollars from spotlight, they refound the lego and had a joyous afternoon in their renewed room...
connorpaying on the new pure wool rug in our front room...its gorgeous!!!so is

and finaly, i woud love to share with you jacobs first mixede media piece...he is all for saving whales and the earth...he's a huge greenie in the making...he decided to do this collage on something he is passionate about....he had a bal doing it as to get messy like his mum...

well...i know its long and if you have read to here i greatly appreciate your time..oh...the aprons cost $5.45 plus postage btw...i did say bargain didn't i...

one more thing...thanks to lindsay from banter...i was so lucky to win this beautiful bag she made...its very sturdy and is now my camera bag...she is a wonderful artist to boot!!!check her blog out here

oops...forgot to show you my finished stuffed crocheted cushion...the kids love

until next time
lots of it

Friday, June 25, 2010

New look what $12.00 got me!!!

Hi beautiful sister Michelle is turning the big 50 tomorrow...she is the queen of crafters, she hand sews the most amazing quilts, the most beautiful teddy bears...amongst so many other talents...happy birthday beautiful
Here is the card I made her for her birthday...she loved it...

So...the next thing I would love to show you is my wonderful set of yellow retro glasses I got from another local thrift shop...these are so delish in the flesh...i just had to christen them on my window sill in the kitchen with tea lights...oh so pretty...pretty cool aren't they!!!!

Well...that's it for now
until next time
lots of it
love i mean

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

some crafty stuff...

Well...long time I know but life happens...haven't been doing much to be just takes away craft time as you would all know!!!
I thought I wouild show you a little vintage look hand bag I made...I just loved this adorabe don't you think?..I just made it up, put it together as I went so to speak...Im am very happy with it...I did make it a whie back, you know when you go through the stage of buying gorgeous material!!!???

I put a little mobile phone holder on the inside...i hate losing my phone in my bag!!!

The other photo is another blankie ...i ran out of white for my other one...will get some realy i am busting to finish this project....

ps...some of you said you loved how i picked my winner...that concept was not original...i have seen ladies pick winners of giveaways by throwing the names on the prize...wanted to put a twist on it with a little thanks, but its really not my stars were...i'll take credit for them...hee hee hee!!!the story too!!!
amanda...i'll get your book to you when i go to the post office...will be beginning of next week...sorry its taken so long but i visit the post office when i send jacob's work back to his teacher...
well that's it for today...
until next time
lots of it

Friday, June 18, 2010

and the winner is...

the stars were all laid out


they were gathered by the large hand

the golden prize was laid out on the white throne outside in the nippy air



the large hand scattered the stars over the golden prize



all but two fell to the grass



these two stars were gathered and scattered again

luckily only one landed on the golden prize



without further ado...congratulations to amanda

until next time
lots of it

Thursday, June 17, 2010

$5.42...last day for giveaway...update on crocheting...

Hi there to all who show kindness by reading my oh so not professional blog....when you look around there are truly spectacular ones about...but i love them all!!!!i especially love the ones with lots of heart...enough of that!!!

Today i needed to pop down the street for a litte top up of school supplies and came across these pencils...yes, maybe not a truly spec brand,but they said they were vibrant, and i love love love bright colour, so i thought i'd whack them in with my other little $5.42, on special!!! its not alot to miss if they turn out to be crappy!!!!

So, just then...i doodled the image at the top..yes...not overly smooth, but so looks smoother in real life and the colour really pops...

so i will be using these in my next piece of "art"!!!

will show you the results when i figure out what i'm going to do!!!

Don't forget this is the last day for my eizabeth kartchner book giveaway...just be a follower if you're not already and leave a comment...hugs to those of you that have already entered...and good luck...

oh!!!! is the latest of the crocheted blanket i am making....i am happy with it, it may take me all winter...but that's ok!!!!

I am thinking i need to learn how to do different crocheting, and i am totally hopeless at trying to hide the leftover wool when i change a colour, but i really love the effect of all the colour on this rug....

well...that's it for now...
until next time
lots of it

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

$6.20....and last day for giveaway...

Well...I have decided to try and thift as much as I can...seriously its going to be really hard, but I am a woman on a mission.

We all probably have material, bags of old clothes...etc...I plan on using these all up!!!

I am seeing this as a chance for me to get creative in all areas of my life....

It will be tricky. ..and i bet i buy some stuff for the home and clothing for the family, but i'll do my best, and really limit purchases...
Has anyone tried this before???

I am addicted
Did it work??? is my first go at being thrifty for a purpose...I have big plans for these doilies and twins eat up books...
Hard to believe this all only cost $6.20!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget my giveaway is still more day...
become a follower if you're not already and just leave a comment...too easy...
until next time
lots of it

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love Sydney ...2 more days of my giveaway...

Well..I have said it before I know...but I love the city of Sydney...I live a hop and a jump from it...It never ceases to make me happy...sipping coffee in one of the most beautifu cities in the world, with a backdrop of the Harbout Bridge and the Opera House....
We were there for the art show that spans much of Sydney, we visited the Museum of contemporary art and stayed for the light show on the Harbour Bridge...very spectacular indeed!!!!
Here are a few snappies....

Don't foget my book givwy is still on...until 17th...just leve  comment on this post...

until next time
lots of it

Sunday, June 13, 2010

i heart sunday ...giveaway still on...

i know its been done before...but here is my version...
rvndomness throughout the house...

just write your comment n be my simpe to be in it...closes 17th june...
until next time
lots of it

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Page and giveaway...she sews like her mum

Here is a new page I did of Maddie...I am over the moon that she shows an interest in art and craft...just like her mum!!!!
Maddie actually made her own library bag out of cute fairy material. This is her practising on scrap material before she made the bag. I have scrapped it at last. Wish I had all these types of photos of me when i was a kid...I hope she tresures them when she gets bigger...

Don't forget to scroll down for the giveaway..

Well...a while back I accidently ordered 2 of these books, when in fact I only wanted one. Its been sitting on my craft desk for some time and a couple of weeks ago I decided I would give it away.

This book is by Elizabeth Kartchner...a very talented lady! I visit her dear lizzy blog whenever she posts and she is a designer for creating keepsakes, which i have been lucky enough to be published in on several occassions.

This is the second of her books she has written.

I love it.

It's so full of wonderful ideas.

For your chance to win this, just become a follower and leave a comment saying you would like to win it. If you are already a follower just leave a comment. Pretty easy hey?
I'll give it 2 weeks , so until 17th June.

There's is nothing in it for me as far as the book's just something I had and I would much prefer a fellow crafter/artist to have it.

Until next time
lots of it

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