Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hi there...well...I did a quick one today for debs master blaster challenge....probably my last for debs, as I believe this site is shutting down ...heres hoping that a new one will open some time soon...debs challenge was to make it geometrical and i really wanted to do this here it is...Jacob had sparkles the chicken on top of his head...which was very brave of him...ok...well take care until nex time...Mandyxxx

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hey there everyone...last weekend there was a cc at mas...go to the link on the was all about of my favourite subjects...i have only had a chance to do 2 pages from the 4 challenges as I am up to my eyeballs in sick kids...anyhows, I also wanted to put in the newspaper clipping of my sisters and I...they told our ages!!!!!Ok...just a quick one...until next time take care



Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Just a very quick one...i have been offline and it killed me...had 5 minutes the other day and then my computer died....bummer...OK is a page I did of Jacob...I have had this photo for a few years now and the perfect opportunity came up to scrap it with Mad about scrappings cybercrop on the weekend...Unfortunately I couldn't make it as I spent the weekend in the city at the beautiful 4 seasons hotel....The most beautiful 5 star hotel in Sydney...get this,,, my sisters, mum and I stayed in 2 hotel was $5500 a night and the other was $4000 a night...didn't take my camera...silly me...but will post the photos my sis took...we were spoilt with a very posh dinner...have you ever heard compliments of the happened 3 times with us!!!we felt like movie stars...we got all this treatment and it was a huge mystery as we didn't pay for the hotel was the most wonderful random act of kindness from someone...only in dreams hey girls!!! i am very champagned out ...but can't wait to do it ok...the page...and i have done some design teal stuff for mas too...can't show you that!!!lol...soon!!!

take care until next time



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Your "ME" time

Well...I have done a few things of is my latest page...this is of Jacob's first soccer match for the season....I love it when he plays...he runs around the field just like all the other kids without a care in the world...a very rewarding thing to watch!!!!This is a challenge over at ANGIE'S blog...its a sketch challenge....go and check it out HERE...she always has fabulous prizes too!!!

Well...thats it for now...take care until next time...



Thursday, June 11, 2009

ATC at Debs

Well...the mojo may have gone, but life and scrapping must go on!!!! Still crook...and YEP!!! I AM SO OVER IT!!!!!! but i hope on my way back to getting better...

So, I have done a couple of kits for mad a bout scrappin...and still have one to go...leanne sent me a gorgeous kit where i get to create a page and do an online class with it...can't stay tuned to the mad about scrapping forum and blog for when that will be...there was also an artists trading card swap over at Debs crreations, which i have just finished....they are bright and happy...and I used some gorgeous paper Chris W gave me in a should have seen the prize...makes my racs look...well...nothing like hers!!!lol...Thanks again was wonderful...check out Chris's blog...she is one talented lady...and a gorgeous frriend!!!
Ok...well thats it from me...about to do the online class page...
take care

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Basic Grey

I am so loving basic grey paper at the moment...I bought 2 packs of the stuff a while back and just adore the lime rickey one.this is of Maddie on her very first day of soccer....she loved it.....

this one just got accepted into the basic grey gallery too...ok...thats about it from me for now...take care...Mandy


Friday, June 5, 2009

I have been tagged...

Hi there girls...I have been tagged by the lovely Renae from Debs....

8 things i look forward to...
1. Christmas
2. The day Jacob's health enables him to go to school
3. Staying in a five star hotel this month with my mum and sisters
4. My dh getting home from work each day
5. School holidays with my kids
6. Saturdays and Sundays
7. A greener world
8. Seeing my kids happy and fulfilled in their adulthood

8 things I did yesterday...
1. Watched Sunrise...some of it!!!
2. Had toast for brekky
3. Taught Jacob a little schoolwork
4. Started to spring clean the twins only
5. Put dinner on in the slow cooker
6. Picked up Maddie, went to domayne and printed off photos for a big scrapping session this weekend...
7. Had afternoon tea with Maddie at a cafe
8. Had a delicious cappacino made for me by my dh

8 things I wish i could do...
1. I wish I could take Jacob to school
2. I wish scrapping coupl be a job that you get paid for...
3. I wish I could win a big bowls competition
4. I wish I could find the cure for cancer
5. I wish I could do more to save the planet
6. I wish I could lose more weight
7. I wish I could travel with my family
8. I am saving this one...hee hee hee!!!

8 things or shows I have watched latey...
1. Sunrise
2. 4 ingredients
3. State of Origin
4. The Son of Rambow
5. 7 Pounds
6. Twilight
7. Slumdog Millionare
8. Hannah Montanna to pass this on to 8 girls....
1. Shaz
2. Rach
3. Chris
4. Angie
5. Tessah
6. Lexie
7. Skye
8. Vicki

Take care

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some dt STUFF

Hi there....on my way to recovery now...feeling a little more enrgetic, so hopefully I'll be getting some scrapping in real

Thought I'd put up a few pages I did for mad about was a while back now, so I can show you all...I was really happy with the painted ones I did...and just so proud of Cameron and his shave...

Ok...well that's it from me...take care until next time...

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