Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Winner and another Acceptence

Hi there Girls...it has been a great couple of weeks for me as far as scrapping goes... I am the lucky winner of an award on Angies blog...for my page wedding Day...her sketch was beautiful and I may just use it again....here i s my lovely blinkie i get for it!! and a little rak in the mail...goodie!!!

As far as subbing goes, well, I think I told everyone about my first, well I recieved an acceptance from creating keepsakes for my sister page and another scrabbooking memories one for a page yet to be seen entitled...snug as a bug....i am very excited about these, and also got a page in the basic grey gallery last week...so all in all a good week for scrapping...

I have also done a bit of design stuff for MAS in the last week which I can't show yet...lol...

This first page is for an elderly gentleman I know...its of his dad..

Thats it for now...

until next time

Take care...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Challenge At MAS

Here are two pages for a challenge over at MAS ...you buy the pack and there are 4 challenges...its always fun and certainly challenging...the first is the same wedding photo from before as I wanted a page for Jess as well..the second is a photo of mum and I when i was a baby...i reckon I look a bit like Amandas Connor!!!lol...I think it needs stitching around the edges too....what do you thibnk??? Anyways, still got a few challenges I want to get done tonight...so until next time...stay safe and well...lots of it

Friday, March 27, 2009

How Wonderful Life Is

Hi there folks....here is my latest page I have done for Debs creations, it is actually the songbirds challenge and i loved debs challenge #4...the sketch challenge...that I combined the tewo...well almost the sketch...just changed it a bit....I am really happy with this page...I think it's my most favourite page I have ever done....I used mostly basic grey papers and sticker elements, and I used some flowers Amanda from debs gave me....thanks for taking the time yo look...and until next time...stay happy...xxx

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Published

Hi there all...thought I'd share some happy news and a lo...I heard from Sharryn at scrapbooking memories and she asked me for my address and is this the first time I have been published in sm....wow....so excited...i guess that means I am getting published, and I have also been accepted for creating keepsakes australia for my sister page...very excited about that too...and finally, I am in the Basic Grey gallery for my sisters page...all too much...I have also done a page about Jacob...many of you know he has alot to deal with medically, so one day when he said to me..." if you want me...I'll be in my shell"...lol...how funny, but i also thought how apt as I am sure he feels like escaping from his life evry now and then....thanks for looking, and until next time...take care...

PS...there is going to be a meeting of kindred souls in sydney and melbourne over the coming weeks, with Nat having a visit...how exciting is that going to be!!!!



Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well...have only done a couple of pages...been so busy its not funny...the first page is a page for Vix over at DEBS who has just had a baby...we are all doing a page for her and deb is going to make an album.....the second is a sketch from mas...mel set this sketch...i find multiphoto pages quite tricky, but i love these photos of the twins at the aquarium...they sincerely were scared!!!!oh well...until more pages are completed.....thanks for looking and have a great weekend...xxx

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Day...angies sketch

Hi there all...well...here is the wedding page i did yesterday...this is a sketch challenge over at Angies blog...beautiful sketch to work with...Today I have big plans...I need to get a multitude of things to do...more design work for MAS and then there is the baby page for Vix over at deb creations, and a little easter card which is a challenge over at chris's blog...can't wait to do them all...we'll see how we go...also have an award I have to give out from the lovely chros...will give them out tonight...thanks for looking, and have a great day...

Lots of it



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Debs Master Blaster Comp

Well...I have been a busy girl yet again doing some design stuff for mas, but I did manage to 2 of Debs Master Blaster challenges done for March... the first was the throw in challenge of creating kids chrissy tags, and the other was to create a page using Aussie slang and to use black cardstock as a base and then only green and yellow...also a piece of string and a pair of thongs...this is the most difficult challenge I have ever done and I must admit I am not over the moon about the result..., but i have created a memory which I wanted to remember!!!

I also got to do another page today...Angie's sketch challenge...Its a beauty...I went to my nephews wedding on the weekend and really wanted to do a page of Jess, Raymond and I....will post it tomorrow as I haven't taken the photo and its dark outside...

Ok...well thanks for looking, and until next time....take care...

Lots of it



PS...Cameron raised over $650 for the SHAVE FOR A CURE...I am one proud mamma!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My First Sketch...

Hi there all...On friday night we had lots of fun and chatting at mas cybercrop. I had a sketch up as one of the challenges and I have a rak up for anyone who puts a page up in the gallery for my sketch...a winner will be picked out of a hat, so get your pages in girls....

Here is the sketch...

I did two examples...one without green, and one with green, as that was the theme of the night...GREEN...in actual fact I made the red page first, then drew up the sketch, and then made the green sister page...

So...On a proud note...my charming son Cameron did SHAVE FOR A CURE on Friday...he raised over $500 and thanks to some of the lovely girls over at DEBS for sponsering him...xxxx....

here are the before and after shots....
I think that's all for now...my nephew also got married this weekend but I have no photos yet...
will show you as soon as I get them..
Until next time, take care and thanks for taking the time to look ...
Lots of it

Friday, March 13, 2009

sooo excited

Hi there...just a quick post to let you all know that this is my first cybercrop as a dt member of mas.....I have put a sketch challenge up, so i can't wait to see what people do with it....alot of fun and laughter is in stall tonight I am sure..hope to see you all there....
until i post my pages up here....have a good one!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

teenage rampage

Hi there everyone....thought I'd do a quick post to show you a page I did as a challenge over at Mad about scrappin....it was a challenge for the design
team to not use so many things i ysually use!!!lol... but I really enjoyed the challenge non the less and very happy with the page...thanks for looking...until next time



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 Awards ...Lucky Me

I have been the lucky recipiant of not one, but 2 awards from the lovely Janine...what a lucky girl I am...the first is a beautiful blog award which I will pass on to 4 lovely blogs on my list.....





And the other award is called the "Gift Of Love" Award and I get to choose between 4 & 8 people to pass it on to.
Here is 4 fabulous Blogs from my blog list





Thanks again Janine...you can find all these lovely blogs to the right of my blogs I love to visit...

Got my new camera at last and here are a couple of photos from it.....

thanks for looking, and until i scrap another page..have a good one



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