Friday, February 18, 2011


Hi there...many of you know my plight with Jacob...well...last week we finally got a second opinion...I was over the moon with this specialists interest i n Jacob's illness...It sounded as thought he had a daughter many years ago who had difficulty with her airways..which means he has empathy...a knowledge of what it's like to have a child who can die when he hgets a cold...airway closure is a very scary thing...I mean to be able to breath is the most important thing in life!!!! When we were talking to him, you could see the wheels turning in his brain, and after the consultation he immediately sent him to have some blood tests which he hadn't previously had...for quite rare conditions.... he wanted to help us, and recognised how difficult and stressful our lives must see, this is not a rare thing...I would say Jacob has had about 70 episodes, 30 ish hospital admissions and many many times just sitting in the waiting room waiting for his steroids to kick in...and not to mention the times we just stayed in the er....70 times my poor little guy has, well, I guess you could say, gone through the stress of thinking he was going to have can imagine how pivitol a good specialist is in our life...His new dr sounds like he will help did a little art because this is the happiest I have felt in many many years...its called HOPE...water suluable crayons and water colours..just Jacobs little cheap set he got actually...
well...we got the test results yesterday, and they were all normal, which is good, but honestly it left me a little it could have been the answer to why he gets sick...
oh well...we are seeing the dr next week to help us...will keep you posted...
here are a few other things I have done in my new moleskine journal..I am yet to do the writing, but will do verry soon, also some pages are still

okies...well...I am only beginning to do this sort of thing, so practise makes for better
Until next time
lots of it
ps...scroll down to next post, i have announced my OWOH winner!!!


A big thankyou to all the lovelies who came to visit my blog during OWOH!!!!!
Thankyou Lisa for organising the 5th, and last OWOH event...I have had a blast visiting everyones blogs...if only I had enough time to visit each and every one on the humungus list...alas I did not , but got to a few hundred!!!!
Well, hope some of you keep coming back because there are many I would love to keep visiting myself..

Okies...without further ado.......

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Greetings!...So pleased to visit your lovely blog. I am a Canadian Mixed Media and Digital Artist and look forward to meeting a new friend. I hope you will visit my blog as well. or #230 on the OWOH list.

Thank you for including me in your wonderful gift draw

Congratulations...can you please email me with your address>>>

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day and OWOH Giveaway Below

Hi there
I have not really been much into Valentines a kid and a teen I never really got cards, and for my USA visiters we didn't really do much here in Australia when I was growing up, but it certainly wasn't unheard of to get a card or a flower! But, in recent years I have started to give my kids little gifts and a card, nothing big, but just something to make them feel happy!!!I tell them I love them on a regular basis...daily ...but this is just a cute little gesture to make them smile....

I, and Jacob and Maddie, had fun cutting and sewing these garlands together yesterday...
so quick and easy,,,
Have a wonderful day...
May your today be filled with love and laughter, lots of hugs and kisses, and all the things you love...
these are a few photos of my house this morning.

until next time
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Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi there to you all.....this is my first year of participating in this wonderful event, and sadly this is the last year Lisa is doing this event....Basically, its all about a whole lot of lovin' really...its a way to get to know other bloggers all around the world...go check out her site will explain it all...

Alittle about me...
I am a mum to 6 kids, from 9 year old twins to 20 year old!!I home school one of my little boys because he has a life-threatening condition, which really lead me to needing a bit of me time...thus my dapple in the creative side of life and a little addiction to the computer!!!!
I love looking at other peoples lives and creations through their blogs...i try to comment on as many as I look at, tho must confess when my usage is up and the computer is soooo slow I can't comment as often as I would like...
I love to scrap book, my biggest love I think,having had around ten publications, which is very exciting as anm artist you would agree, but I am just beginning to discover that I love art and drawing and writing, I even sew a little and knit as'll also catch me singing in the shower every day as well!!!my kids all love the creative and practical arts as well...
a short lifetime ago I was a teache...I live in Sydney Australia and can't wait to visit the rest of the blogs on Lisa's list...bring on the 8th I say, thats when my computer speeds up...

It's only small, but I would sure love to win it....
All you have to do is...leave a comment on this post and make sure you have some sort of contact info for me so if you win I can let you know...

I'll use some sort of random generator to pick the winner and it will be drawn on
  17th February
and posted no later than 3 days later!!!!

Just leave a comment...its that simple....
Go check out Lisa's blog, there are so many bloggers on her list its amazing!!!!
Included in my giveaway is
1 packet see d's large heart stamp set
1 8 sheet pack pink tissue paper
1 12 pack 6x6 paper pack
1 imaginations chipboard book
1 cute pink acrylic buttons set
1 36 piece chipboard alphabet set
not shown, but i have a little collection of metal charms, i will throw in some of these a s well...

I have shown some in detail....

Ok...well...until next time
lots of it

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