Friday, December 3, 2010

Charity Santa Run husband and my 2 biggest boys Lachlan and Cameron ran in a local charity santa run. It was the first time they have competed in it and I was so proud of them, as they are really not runners...( my boys are about 6 foot 2...maybe taller???!!!lol...) Cameron came in the top 20 ish, Lachlan shortly after and their dad shortly after that....below shows gwtting dressed in the park for the run...
Doing a quick santa kids all had a nice time even though most of the day it was raining...they all want to run next year....

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 white and blue

So...with three new babies in my ever expanding family, which I love.....little Marshall, my little sister's new baby, Noah, my nieces baby and Brayden, my nephew's little guy, I thought I'd make them pressies for christmas. So, with so many pretty materials, it was a tad tricky to make boys bunting but I think I have gathered the right ones together yo make 3 lengths. After asking all the mums what colour the babies rooms will be....this is the first I have done...Marshall is going to have a red white and blue room...

Here is what I started with...

Made very simple triangles....

such a rewarding little gift to make because you know it will look so good up...

well...until next time
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

art, heart and healing 2nd try

So...i am working with imited material so super pleased how my 2nd try worked out...check out the side bar for the link to this free online course...,truly its one of the best things i have done...taken me from being too scared to draw ike this to feeing great in ding it...Tam has a great way of teaching through video...

i put in some close ups too...

the second gir is where i taught jacob how to draw this girl...his turned out amazing!!!!...but i didn't want to waste the drawing so i took to it with some water colour pencils and here it is...
hope you get the chance to check out the course....
until next time
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Friday, October 22, 2010

a bit of art

Hi...just a quick post to show you what i did says...its wonderful to be unique but you can't be responsible for the universe... and about accepting me for my individualness if thats a word...and then trying not to et every itte thing in the universe get to it does...o...

check out the heaing hearts side bar thingy and you will see what is all about....i have ony done a coupe of painting sort of things but i really loved doing this....

i am quite happy with it...
unti next time
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Before and after and a recipe...yum!!!

Well...the room is amost finished...I am quite happy with it...i love the new wall colours and we have been loving in this little room its so sunny and nice to be in...we are still to get the doors for the bookshelves and a rug for the floor....and a low lying tv unit....but Jacob happily does his schoolwork here it has achieved its are the befores and afters of where we kept his school work...and the befores and afters of the room....we alot of it anyway..... is  a llittle photo of Maddie with her new violin...hope she learns how to play it
Camembert and Spinach Quiche
sheet of pastry
6 eggs
pkt frozen spinach
1 tub low fat sour cream
1 cup low fat grated tasty cheese
1 spoon minced garlic
1/2 grated onion
1 camembert cheese

1. Spray with oil a quiche or pie dish and line the pastry into it.
2. Place spinach in its packet, into the microwave for 5 minutes.
3. Whist this cooks, mix the eggs, onion, cream, garlic and grated cheese with an egg whisk.
4. Squeeze excess water out of spinach and add to the mixture...mix well.
5. Pour into the lined dish and add slices of the camembert, or brie or even marinated fetta tastes awesome too.
6. Put cracked pepper over the top and cook in a hot oven for 20 minutes. turn oven down and cook until golden...turn oven off once cooked and let it stand in the oven for 10 minutes...this wi let it sette as it will pop up in the quiche dish...
Serve with greek salad...and there you have my just about favourite meal...

well...that's about it for now
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday's Child

My second post for the day...i am on a roll...

Dear Prudence, don't fret,
Don't feel glum, don't feel sad.
This potion will be the most delicious,
Scrumptous you have had.

We've added five green frogs legs,
6 toads warts, 2 mice eyes.
a four eyed spider, bat's blood,
and a boiling cup of flies.

3 scales from puff the dragon,
2 burger patties and fries,
some 2 year old toenails and,
over the top whispered some lies.

We boiled it til it bubbled.
Let it sit for just a bit.
Now its just the right temperature
" Prudence...take a little sip.

See, look at Magical Marvin,
now take a look at me!
Our figures sublime, power great!
Soon like us you'll be."

So Prudence took a sip
and her face began to twitch
her body started dancing
she vanished into mist.

and there before them stood,
(Marvin and Gertie blinked their eyes!)
Prudence as pretty as ever
could win a beauty pageant prize!!!

You see poor Gertie and Marvin
were getting on in years.
They forgot to wear their glasses
Poor prudence was in tears.

So the two set to work
to make a potion that would undo
the damage they had done
that made Prudence feel so blue!

They worked for 12 hours straight!!!
and finally got it right.
Prudence took a little sip
then disappeared out of sight.

Marvin and Gertie were surprised
by a knock upon the door,
for there stood Prudence
just as she was before.

a valuable lesson was learnt
by the magical three.
Be happy with who you are,
You be you, and I'll be me!

By Mandy Snow
Inspired by Mondays Child

til next time
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some befores and far

So...yesterday I  painted the little back you will see the before and the after...I am still yet to fix the skirting boards...but these will be done by tonight...i am also going to sand some of the boarder paint off to expose the wood behind the paint...give it a slightly beachy feel....lots more to come....

hope you like the befores and afters on the back frame...this frame is from was ony 17 dollars...but it is a frame thats not meant to come was tricky, but you know me...i love colour....popped these little crocheted flowers in after painting over the top of the trees that were in the frame to begin with...cute don't think????

aso, this black frame is cost $7....i put Jacobs art in cool does it look????

well...thats it until i get the curtains and furniture in....check out the cute little light was a do it yourselfer...gotta love those!!!

until next time
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Here is" the room"

Yes...our life has been a shambles lately with Jacob going into hospital and just ife really. So on the weekend I said to my husband we'll fix this room up for Jacob.. We are still waiting for the delivery of the furniture...but i'll show you where we sadly keep Jacob's school was not always like this, its just come to being in a box of trecked to ikea and bought some storage sheves and some new lounges to hang out on...i got a gorgeous nippon coour for the bottom half...nettle 2 a dulux paint, and for the top we got moonight...just a slightly off white...i think you won't get to see the after shots til the the weekend....i here is one sad before shot...oh...we are aso changing the skirting boards as well...also need some more decorations too...this will be a coupe of weeks...but i'l show you the progress...this is the priority to get his activity room done....its not a big room, but that doesn't mean we can't make it look ok...
until next time
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Help me please and an award

You'll see Jacob in hospital over an hour after he had his life saving medication...

Well...another absence from me...yes, you guessed it, my little guy was in hospital again...when I started my blog i had intention of finding someone else out there in the word who had a condition the same as my son's.... his official title is.....acute life threatening spasmodic croup...basically his upper airways, his voice box area, close over very quickly, within a few seconds any point in a cold or virus....many of you probaby have had one of your children or friends chidren have croup...the difference is that Jacob's airways can close within a few seconds and that he is now 9 and it is still happening and on such a regular basis...this is where I need your help. Because it is so rare, in fact his specialist doesn't really know of any one ever, anywhere having it as accutely at such an old age...I would love to hear if any one of you know anything about anyone with this illness...

I am really going quite insane because the treatment is to watch him 24 hours a day...its tiring and emotionaly draining. and now he looks at me and asks me is he going to breaks my heart to think on such a regular basis he tinks he will die...I would like to know if there is some hope for him, that there may be a cure, a fix, or something out there that can help him and me!!!

I need to talk to someone too...just to vent and know that someone understands...

I carry with me everywhere an emergency bag with loads of drugs and oxygen tank...its blooming heavy and so ugy...but we affectionately call it our e bag!!!lol...

We have not been on a holiday, when we go places it can't be when he is sick, and because he has a crappy immunity, he is sick quite often....we have been on a coupe of few day trips to the beach when he has been well. so i shouldn't complain too need to know that if we go anywhere there needs to be an amdulance very close!!!!but I still take him to the city for we try not to make him m iss out too much...

He is homeschooled because of his condition and when his twin goes to regular school and he is desperate to go makes life tough!!!

This video is of him after he has been given his nebulised adrenolin and he is in hospital still having difficulty, but the emergency is over...the other is of his e bag....
so please...if anyone can hep me. i think you would have no idea how much i would appreciate it...

also the beautiful kristin at
has given me this lovely award....thanks kristin...i think this blog entry is long enough for today without saying stuff about entry!!!!lol...

until next time...
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

its been a while...

Indeed it children have all been sick and i am sure many of you know the story with my little guy Jacob...well needless to say we had far too many close calls with him...which is emotionally and physically of course I got sick and it took ages for it to go, in fact we all still are only in recovery mode at the moment...many of you would aso know when you're sick its hard to feel creative, thus, i have only achieved 2 things...I made my lovely sister a birthday card and I made a friend a little painting...if any of you know the Juno tracks, there is a quirky little song about everything wishing it was something else...its one of my and Jacob's fav songs, and my friend likes it too so i made him this little set...sadly i took no photo of my sisters card...but she loved it...

on the bowls 3 sisters and I won the club 4's...woop woop!!!!

Well...until next time, boy i hope i can show you some scrapping.....
lots of it

Friday, August 20, 2010

Monday's child...I'll be there for you

I'll be there for you
when the cold wind blows
hold onto your hand
when you walk tippy toe

I'll be ther for you
on the very first day
you walk off to school
"love you...have a great day"

I'll be there for you
when you hurt your knee
when you stumble and fall
you fall from the tree

I'll be there for you
on the first time
someone breaks your precious heart
you'll always have mine

But for now
let me hold you close
sing you a lullaby
"Have sweet dreams little baby...
hush now don't you cry...

I'll be there for you..."

By mandy snow
inspiration has come from this lovely painting...go check out mondays child and give it a go..i just wrote this in 5 minutes...seriously...its not fabulous but i'm very happy with reminds me of how quickly time really does fly with your little ones, and before you know it they are all grown make the most of the hugs and cuddles!!!
maybe not really for a child to read, but it's what came to me to i have the fun of checking out everyone elses poetry're better off doing it this way as you want everything to be your own idea and not get persuaded by the other wonderful poets that enter this challenge...

until next time
lots of it mandy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday's Child..Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa

Staring out the window
Waiting patiently
Trying to see Santa
Just Jacob and me.

Mum said if we are good
In fact, every girl and boy
Will get a visit from Santa
He'll even leave a toy!

all year we tried so hard
To do everything just right
Kept our bedroom tidy
Went to bed at night.

Helped Mum with the dishes
ate up all our tea
Were kind to one another
Tried as hard as can be.

Dear Santa please hurry
Leave the gift under the tree
What present will you bring
For Jacob and me?

Written by mandy Snow
for monday's child
you can find it here...

Illustration by: Henriette Willebeek La Mair 1920's

In our household of 6 children...I am a to my kids when they have been little was all about santa and excitement of running to the tree in the morning and finding a gift...or twenty!!!! with their name on it...they know all the other stuff that goes with christmas now, but, you know i am sure....anticipation is such a wonderful thing to watch in your child christmas eve, and every year all my kids have looked to see if they can see rudolph's red nose in the sky....!!!so this photo reminded me of that...and these 2 look like twins so i wrote this poem from Maddie's point of view...
hope you like it...
until next time
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

artistic mother...finally

Oh yes she

I finally got to do a wee bit of craftiness...
not enough mess on for this page, tho i did like it because its nice and quick....
i love this photo of maddie from when she was a toddler...about 3 i think...
this is one of the activities from shona coles book...the artisitic mother...this book is an inspiration...the activities through the book are fun to do...i am not doing some of them as i woud not use them...but so many are wonderful...and times some of them by

so...thanks to trudy for running the artistic mother's group.....
and here it is...hope you ike it...

don't forget to scroll down for my latest poetry...i am so loving writing again!!!!

until next time
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday's Child and Kristin's Giveaway...

One Day

I just don't want to be here
I'd rather be at sea
Sailing over the oceans
a pirate's life for me.

Or maybe the king of the land
With a room full of gold
a crown upon my head
People doing as they're told.

Better still a race car driver
In my red car I go so fast
Wheels go spinning, aways winning
Never ever coming last.

then again an astronaut
In my spaceship traveling far
Pressing buttons, floating, flying
Finally reaching that bright star.

But since I'm only seven
Here at school I'll have to stay
Keep on dreaming of what I'll be
One day!

By Mandy Snow is my go with mondays child

the picture is Jessie Wilcox Smith...

check it out here

Kristin also has a giveaway....
she is a talented lady...go check her out!!!here

Until next time
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday's Child

The Beach

With eyes wide open
Standing on the beach
Waves trickling along the sand
Just out of reach.

Taking one step forward
Then another one
Running back so quicky
Beginning to have fun.

Shoes and socks are off now
Sand between the toes
Venturing a little closer
Confidence grows.

One more step closer
Foam tickles the skin
Just one last step
and finally in.

Kicking up heels
Splashing water everywhere
Jumping and squeeling
Breathing in sea air.

Mandy Snow

Go check out

This place...monday's child, is such an inspiration....this is my second attempt at writing children's verse....

until next time
lots of it

Monday, July 26, 2010

45!!!!!! Yes I am ok saying it!!!!! guessed it...yes I turned 45 today....I really can't believe it...I still feel like I did in my 20's...just look so much older!!!So, i woke to wonderful streamers everywhere,

Then I walked to the bench and found some handmade paper by dh...and a box and a lovely little note...

Juno, one of my fav movies sound track and this gorgeous little peace sign them both...

Emails, phonecalls, texts, and cards...

a litte song, and story reading from the littlies...

a lovely lunch with most of the people i love...some not in this photo....some not present on the day....

lots and lots of birthday money to spend...some more pressies sitting inside waiting patiently to impatiently...hee hee hee....

a lovely cake made by my sister, a song

baby hugs, big people hugs n kisses....
and the day isn't even over yet....
lucky aren't I????

til next time
lots of it

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monday's Chid

Monday is my dress-up day,
Today I am a vet.
I donned my hat and apron
and began to mend my pet.

You see,
He walked on something prickly
He began to wimper and cry
I knew I had to fix him
"I'll help you" I said with a sigh.

"You are my bestest friend,
I know just what to do.
I'll wrap it in this white bandage
and give you a big hug too."

"More supplies will be needed,"
I said importantly on the phone.
"But by tomorrow you will be well,
and in the garden you will roam."

"But be careful of the prickles
and watch where you put your toes.
For tomorrow I'll be a fireman...
I'll be busy with the hose."

This is my first
it's fun i must say...
can be found here...
give it a go...

til next time
lots of it

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New baby, lovely surprise and other tid bits...

So, recently I took the twins to Cockatoo Island...went with dh and one of my friends...we had a ball...dh got his sheet metat apprenticeship there many years ago building he had a trip down memory lane....I went there to see the art, and there was plenty of that...still more I am yet to see.....the twins had a ball exploring the place too....this is a photo of going to the Island by ferry...i never get sick of the sights of the city...

some shots of the twins...

I am aso blessed to have some beautiful friends....friends who would help me whenever I gave a hey ho...last night I went out to dinner with 2 of these friends...ange and carmel...friends from the days of college and training to become primary teachers....these girls make me happy...didn't take my camera but have a photo of what ange popped on the table in front of me!!!!my favourite took all i could muster not to blubber like a baby, but i did well up a bit....i love these girls!!!!

Next...I am lucky enough to be an aunty again...welcome to the world little Marshall...he is a precious....congrats liss and you!

ast of a an update on my crafting....wel...the crochet hook has been busy is al i can say, wish i had more to show you but it will happen...i am filled with ideas...hope the become creations...
so...until next time
take care
lots of it

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