Thursday, February 26, 2009

Was putting off placing these up anywhere as i was waiting to use my new camera...still haven't got it...that's life!!!! Here is a sketch challenge over at MAS and here are two challenges from RSS one from Janine and one from Lexie....

Thanks for looking girls, and I hope you all have a lovely afternoon and evening...

Lots of it



Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hi there...Over at Mad About Scrappin Em did an online class on tearing...there were some beautiful results and I was really inspired by the girl's pages....I didn't have the kit but i made do with what I had...and due to a sporting committment on friday nights, couldn't make the class, but enjoyed doing it today...this is Maddie's first day of school...she was very excited... oops...thought I'll add this one I just was the last page for the $10 kit...this was a real challenge for me as they aren't my usual colours , but I did enjoy it...I have actually added another flowere on the right since this photo to balance it out a doodling!!!!

until my next page...have a great day and thanks for looking



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wish I could Show you I was very busy girl...I did some work on something that I can't show you because it.s design team stuff for MAD ABOUIT SCRAPPIN my day has been busy with scrapping. but i have nothing to show for it...yet!!!

So...thought i better put something on...let me just get a random thing.... so here is a lioness looking right at our recent trip to the zoo....and the other is a page i did a while back of Maddie doing a performance at school....I really liked seemed happy and sunshiny which is just like Maddie..oooohhhh forgot to tell you some terrible charming son that borrows my camera all the time to record beatboxing on and puts it on facebook...HE BROKE MY CAMERA>>>>>umahhhhhhhhhhh...I am not a happy chappy and now digitaless...i have to borrow Jacob's cheappie to put my pages hoo...
Oh well...
thanks for looking at my blog
Have a fabulous evening
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A new Page

Hi is a page I did as a sketch challenge over at Deb's Creations...have an awesome day everyone and thankyou for looking.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here are a few pages I have done as a challenge over at Mad About Scrappin.....the papers and embellies were sent out, and 4 challenges were set, with 5 pages in total...still yet to do one as I need to sort the photo can read more about this at...

 are the pages...was a real challenge for me getting at least 4 photos on the double page layout....not too wrapt in it, but oh well...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 New Pages...

Well...have had quite a pre occupied min with family dramas and whats been going on in Victoria, so I am amzed I have evn scrapped are two sketch challenges from Mad About Scrappin's cybercrop....pretty happy with how they turned out...and got the courage to submit them ...we will see how it goes!!!!
That will be all for now....Hope you all have a fabulous night...
Thanks for looking

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Am MADS New Design Team Member

Hi there everyone..I am over the moon at the moment as I have been asked to join the team over at MAD...It was my first try at making a design team and I was the lucky one chosen...there was amazing work that was submitted, so I am so honoured to have been selected...The girls over at MAD seem so friendly, and Leanne has an online shop ... where you can buy great value packs...the latest was only $10...a bargain...check out all the stuff you get!!!!

And I get to use this cute little blinkie too....
Well..that's it from me for now..
Thanks for looking...
And have a fabulous night
Lots of it

Saturday, February 7, 2009

MAD pages

Well...haven't posted for a while....been a bit sidetracked with life. Have found a fab new website

The girls on there are friendly and fun to chat with, and Leanne makes up a very nice challenge pack...I recently tried out for DT...waiting to see the results from that, but in the meantime there are some fun challenges over there and some great cybercrop challenges with money to spend at her shop for the prize...Anyhows, this has now become a favourite site along with DEBS creations and tbss, now known as READY SET SCRAP...i am slightly addicted to all these

Here are two pages I did for a sketch challenge and a 5x s challenge, stripes, stars,spots,staples and strips of was another in a series of zoo shots.

This final page is the first in a series of pages I will be doing over at Debs, it's for debs master blaster over 6 can find info for it at
Anyway, that's it from me for today, will be hopefully posting many pages in over the next week...i plan to get busy, busy , busy,...
Thanks for looking
Have a good one

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