Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Debs Master Blaster Comp

Well...I have been a busy girl yet again doing some design stuff for mas, but I did manage to 2 of Debs Master Blaster challenges done for March... the first was the throw in challenge of creating kids chrissy tags, and the other was to create a page using Aussie slang and to use black cardstock as a base and then only green and yellow...also a piece of string and a pair of thongs...this is the most difficult challenge I have ever done and I must admit I am not over the moon about the result..., but i have created a memory which I wanted to remember!!!

I also got to do another page today...Angie's sketch challenge...Its a beauty...I went to my nephews wedding on the weekend and really wanted to do a page of Jess, Raymond and I....will post it tomorrow as I haven't taken the photo and its dark outside...

Ok...well thanks for looking, and until next time....take care...

Lots of it



PS...Cameron raised over $650 for the SHAVE FOR A CURE...I am one proud mamma!!!!

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