Friday, May 28, 2010

bubbles blanket and better

Many of you expressed lovely thoughts when Jacob had his recent he is much better in hospital

and here he is a week later on a quick half hour visit to Socrates shop to cheer him up a bit...he was very exhausted after the visit...but well worth it...he loved these funny little NOISY puppets.

Maddie loved and bought this bubble machine with the last of her birthday money...

We had a visit from Cowboy...with Craig in tow!!!

and here is the begginnings of a blanket I am seems if i put it on my blog I am more inclined to finish projects....I am knitting a bit now as I need to be on my toes when the J man is sick...can't take too much stuff out...nor the sewing machine....keeping it simple is what I have discovered helps me cope!!!

Well...that's it for now
Until next time
lots of it


Trudy Callan said...

Glad to see that Jacob is doing better. Your knitting is so beautiful. I'll bet it's very therapeutic, too.

amanda73 said...

love the blanket... and glad that jacob is on the mend

Sarah Lou said...

Oh poor boy. Hospital food!! Glad to hear he is on the way up!!! Did you knit those granny squares?!? Ive only ever crochet them. hmmmmm.

Cant wait to see the finished blanket!

Marelize said...

Hi Mandy. Glad to hear that Jacob is doing better. Your blanket looks great!
Take care.

amanda73 said...

hey my friend, there is a little surprise on my blog...hope you like it

Kristin said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see everyone back home and together and feeling well! Kristin xo

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