Friday, May 3, 2019

I am Back

It has been a long time since I last posted. My much has happened. I right?

It would take a very long Post for an update, so here are some words to give you some ideas:

New job, new job, keto, cooking, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, illustrations, art tutoring, driving, shopping, gardening, Harry Potter, home life, crocheting, drs, dancing, lawn bowls, NDIS, specialists, new boyfriends and girlfriends, kids birthdays, shopping, Ikea, markets, gardening, organic food, growing your own food, produce swapping, Facebook, making a house a home, home schooling, budgeting.

There is a snippet.

Here are some photos.

Would you like to see anything specific? If so, I would love for you to comment below and create my posts around what you want to see. I have rediscovered blogs and spend a relaxing time reading them. I am incredibly interested in Slow Living. Stay tuned...❤️

Until next time
Lots of it

1 comment:

sattakingplaybazaar said...

Unke Seenon Me Kabhi Jhank Kar Dekho To Sahi Kitna Rote Hain Tanhai Me Auron Ko Hansane Wale play bazaar Dur Na Jaya Karo Dil Tadap satta king Agar Thak Jaao Kabhi Toh Humse Kahna Hum Utha Lenge Tumko Apni Baahon MeinAap Ek Baar Pyar Karke Toh Dekho Humse Hum Khusiyan Bichha Denge Aapki Raahon Mein.

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