Tuesday, August 8, 2017

$50 Challenge Meals

Brekky was weetbix or porridge or toast with Vegemite and/or home made marmalade
Day 1
Toasted cheese and Pan fried sandwich
Thai chicken curry with rice
Day  2
Toasted cheese sandwich

Had sandwiches with meat and salad
Day 3
Toast with leftover meat
Spaghetti Bol
Day 4d.
Toasted sandwiches
Whatever night which included bacon, eggs, vegies etc...
Day 5
Leftover spaghetti
Day 6
Toasted sandwiches
This was the day that took us over the edge. The kids are sick and I am still trying to shake This flu, so I succumbed to takeaway.
Well, not me as I have my paleo meals,
Day 7, which is Tuesday(and I am writing. This entry today in preparation for tomorrow)
Kids hav sandwich for lunch
Dinner is tom yum soup

Saturday my meals took a turn. I ordered paleo FOOBER.  meals  for 5 days out of the next 7. However, the rest of the family will continue to eat what I have left in the house.

My meals were already paid and it is a continual thing, but 7 others are still eating in the house.

I spent just over $50 all up at the grocery store.
I also splurged with the take away on Monday night spending $26.
So yep, it was o the $50.
I think I still have lots of bits, way too many bits, left in my cupboard. How oh how do I use all that stuff up?
Much of it is baking  stuff.

So, for this week I am going to repeat the Challenge.
I have a kilo of good mince
1 kilo of wings
A couple of tins of salmon
Tins and tinsof chick peas
A couple of rices
Vegies and herbs in the garden
5 pumpkins

Some meals I plan on making are

Marinated chicken wings with rice and vegies
I will use garlic, ginger and some soy sauce with olive oil for the marinnade

Spaghetti bol with spiralised zucchini
Some garlic, herbs onions and whatever vegies I have. Tin of tomatoes with a squirt of tomato paste an a passatta.

Lentil and spinach stew with brown rice
I will be trying THIS recipe

Pumpkin Soup with home made damper
I will just be adding a few spicy bits to make it tasty.
You can pop in whatever you like, usually onion, garlic and then to make it paleo a coconut milk, that is why it will taste better with a bit of spiciness to it.

Chickpea curry with rice and  pappadums
I will be using THIS

Salmon patties with chips and salad
For the parties I will be using THIS recipe

Hmmmm...I am sure can whip up another

I will make for snacks
- a paleo bounty slice using THIS recipe
- blueberry muffins paleo style using THIS recipe
- roasted flavoured chick peas using THIS recipe
- hommus dip using THIS  recipe
- and we have plenty of fruit.
Wow...that is some impressively list knowing I am only using what I have in the pantry fridge, and garden.

Is anyone else trying the challenge?
Would love to hear how you are going.

Until next time
Lots of it

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