Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bits and Bobs

Here is a little birdie I drew and painted using weater soluable crayons....simple but
So, I have recently been into doing bits and bobs in my journal...I love to have it on hand because I do get restless if I don't create, and my journal allows me to just grab something simple without taking a million bits out...I like to draw and use water colours and my water soluable crayons...what fun art is...I love that I am passing on this love to my three little ones...they are always drawing, painting too...heres a few things I have been up to....the first I will show you is a page inspired by Leslie...she has a challenge for 31 days over her blog...go check it out ....this is day 3 challenge...using the

Here are some other things I've been having fun with...

Jennifer sent me this amazing parcel, with loads of wonderful old labels in it...i didn't want to open the parcel it was so beautiful, but what amazing labels..just perfect to use in all my crafting and arting expeditions!!!
Go check out her blog, it's full of mixed media bits and bobs as well as some lovely family happenings and bits and bobs....thanks so much again, I can't wait to use
 I was a lucky winner times 2 in the last owoh..lucky second win was from a very talented artist, she makes gorgeous jewellry and her latest is an amazing sculpture...thanks Wanda for my gorgeous necklace..I have worn it nearly every

And here is where I created today...don't you love these little daughter Jess gave them to me last night...I was wondering what she wanted, but they were just because she loves me...they do surprise you
Okies...enough babbling from me...have a great weekend everyone, until next time...
lots of it


Laura said...

Mandy- ooh, I didn't see these on my dashboard so I'm glad I came for a visit. I have to admit- the bird is my absolute favorite! I love the shapes and the purple is yummy. What brand are you using here? I like the Neolcolor 11's for some things, but the Portfolio's for others. hugsxx

Marelize said...

You are so creative Mandy! Just love everything you do. xox

creatingme said...

I just found you by a happy accident and sooo happy I did. I am a mixed media lover and a mother and am part of and love Shona Cole (although I am not in that little group...didn't even know about it!)

I have been looking for other mothers who love collage and mixed media etc... to connect with!

Love all these pieces!

my best,


Emakesart said...

I love the bird! Aren't water soluable crayons the best? So much fun. Nice prizes too!

I've always wanted a water feature too! I love the sound of running water. One day...


Kristin said...

K. First of all, that baby face! It's amazing! Did you do that? And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bird in the first shot - what a great style, I am so impressed, xoxo