Sunday, January 11, 2009

Art Gallery

Well...Friday was our adventure to the art gallery to see monet...had a friend, craig, my son connor, and dylan, my nephew....took ages to get there...but we eventually made it...and who do you think i got to meet????the beautiful chris w from debs...and her gorgeous daughter britt...we had a quick coffee and the time flew and then we had to leave....not long enough!!! and we missed monet as the line was sssoooooooooo long...we will prebook and leave it for next wa sa pleasure meeting and chatting to one of the girls from the challenge chics...thanks chris for a lovely day..glad you got home safely...can't wait to get some serious scrapping done now.....until then

lots of it


xxxthanks for loooking


Tracey said...

Glad to hear it was a nice day anyway, even if you did miss out on Monet. Bonus getting to meet

chrisw said...

Was so funny we were both talking still while our picture was taken....wish we had got more pics..great zoo shots darl...Luv ya lots