Thursday, August 10, 2017


We have an incredible amount of books in our house.

Being a home schooler, and a mum to 6, I have always been a firm believer in having books on hand, for any moment, whether it be for a fun read, or to have access to instant information, or to spark an interest.

We have many boxes of books in the garage, and, we have a book shelf in our entry full of all our fiction books, and my beloved Harry Potter collection.

We also have 2 large bookshelves in our dining area. They are low book shelves so not so intrusive, and the large one has door s on it so it covers up the mess. These are mostly non fiction books I have
bought specifically for the kids home schooling.

I also have another large billy bookcase full of text books. I have purchased many, and I am currently selling off many of them because the kids are in year 10 this year, and we will no longer be needing them. (I will be adding them to my ebay sales so if you are after a bargain, look to the top left of my blog and you can go directly to my  ebay listings).

I have another's large billy bookcase that has a row of books. The billy bookcases are in our back room area, and I have one more bookshelf that has curriculum n it, which we are still using.

Miss Maddie has a bookshelf full of books.

I also have a bookshelf in our front room, well, I have 2, but one is filled with DVDs.

The boys once had a bookshelf full of books but they weren't and of having younger reader books and picture books in their bedroom so they are also i boxes in the garage.

You see, I have big plans to build a magical library one day.

I am going to paint a wall that looks like Gyffindor common room, and there will be original artworks by me up around the walls, with characters from favourite books.

That is why I am keeping many books. It's going to have some big comfy chairs in it, as one day I hope to have grandkids and sit in these comfy chairs and read to them.

But that is in the future.

I love books.

Do you?

How many bookshelves do you have around your home?

Until next time
Lots of it


Pia Rom said...

Haha oh yes I do too! I didn´t have the room to have them all in my living rooms...but couldn´t live without all those loved ones! Books are like friends, aren´t they?! ♥ Conny

Mandy said...

Yes Connie, books are like friends. Xxx