Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Update on my $50 challenge.

I almost made it to two weeks only spending $50 dollars each week. But, I spent $170 on Monday. I had too. We needed some meat, and some snacks for the workers, and some vegetarian patties and some cheese, and, well, you know, these things add up.

It was a challenge, but I am sure I could do it again in a month. Two weeks with only $100 to spend.

It did save me lots of money, so I think it was definitely worth it. We still have sooooo much in the cupboards it's not funny.

I have 00 flour, so I can make some fresh pasta.

I have tins of chick peas and bags of lentils, so there are still plenty of vegetarian meals to be made in that lot.

Now, onto the next money saving item.

I am planting potatoes in the garden soon.

Potatoes are no good when you partake in the paleo way of eating, however, it's only me doing that, so planting them will be very useful in this house, and you can cook and enjoy them so many different ways.

I will be using some wire in a circle to hold the soil in, then add soil to it as the plant grow.
I will also try them in the ground and see how they go. I have one packet of seed potatoes. Hopefully that grows into many.

We have been lucky this season to have loads of mandarins, oranges and lemons. They are still on the tree, and this has been such a saving to us as we don't need to buy citrus at the supermarket. It's so good and easy. Potential savings there for sure.

I mentioned above that I spent $170 
I spent a little of that on snacks, and I am not too happy that I bought them. They cost a little bit but also, they are processed. I haven't bought processed foods like that for a while ....I am crazy not o make them myself, sorom now on I will be.

I am thinking muffins, popcorn, maybe a healthy paleo slice, which I always have ingredients for.

What are your go to recipes for snacks? Would love to hear about them, or show me a link to a recipe.

What are some of your favourite ways to save money?

Until next time
Lots of it

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