Thursday, August 17, 2017


Well....still no crafting. How I long to get a crochet hook out or some knitting needles, or even get the material and sewing machine out. But, at least I have been able to paint a little bit. I am really into illustrations at the moment.

I have a few to share with you.

The prompt word for this week on my 52 week Illustration challenge is "deep" . 

The first thing that came to my mind was me, in a very deep hole, looking up and hoping someone would come and rescue me.

But.....that would have been boring, so, I then decided that deep also meant to me, way below in the ocean. So, I thought, know I am very partial to my favourite painting I ever breast feeding mermaid with the little baby with its long hair.

So, here we have it.
It is painted in watercolour, then zentangled over the top with white posca pen. Then I drew and painted the rest, and collages them onto the background. I am quite happy with the result.

When You Wish Upon a Star

I then thought I would like to try something different, so, I got out my water colours and splashed on some bluey greens colours. They looked all lovely and oceany. They were left to dry overnight....

I then searched images of whales....these two are kind and baby ones, cross between a whole lot of whales, but I am thinking blue and sperm.

Such a fun process, and I am pretty happy with how these both turned out.

Feel like I have plans for some more....thinking killer whale and a sweet dolphin.

If you are visiting, thank you so much....would love for you to say hi. If you are from ppf, I am looking forward to visiting and checking out your work.

That's it for today....just so busy lately...need to spend time working with the kids...a little to catch up on...

Until next time
Lots of it


Clare Lloyd said...

Love your watercolours they look ace

Jennifer McLean said...

those wales looks wonderful, the blue circles you did are really pretty, love the colors. Have a great weekend, happy PPF!

NatashaMay said...

Love the sea scenes. :)

sirkkis said...

Really charming painting, love it. The fish is great, too.
Happy PPF 🌸

Julie said...

I love all of these but those whales are my favorite. So beautiful. Happy PPF!

geistige_Schritte said...

the paintings are wonderful, i love this art!
Happy Weekend

Linda Kunsman said...

delightful art and wonderful watercoloring too! Love that first scene with the fab background. Happy PPF!

Misty said...

All 3 are really nice but the whales send me into a relaxing place where I want to drown out all background noise and just be serene... :)

Miz Katie said...

Love your watercolors, especially Wish Upon a Star. Really creative! Happy PPF!

Gillena Cox said...

Beautiful pastels at play in this one. Happy PPF


Giggles said...

Wow beautiful pieces!! Great variety yet in the same theme!! Wonderful work!!

Peace Giggles

JKW said...

Each artist has their own signature. . .I love what you are doing. You have a good signature. Blessings, Janet