Saturday, August 26, 2017

Busy Busy and Almond and Vanilla Cake

Seems I am busy...well....lots to do...and to make matters worse, everyone has been incredibly sick. We know at least the kids have had influenza A. It has been a snot and cough fest here, filled with bouts of nausea. Oh joy.

So, my one post for this week will have a bit of everything in it.

Here we go.

Recipe for this week was absolutely delicious.
It is an almond and vanilla cake...sooo good.

I made double recipe and tweaked it a little

I use
3.5 cups almond meal
1.75 cups dessicated  coconut
2 cups organic raw sugar 
Pinch salt

I melted 1.5 bars of butter(about 400 grams or just under) cooled
6 very large eggs
A huge gloop of a teaspoon of vanilla paste

Mixed the wet together.
Mixed the dry together
Mixed them together and placed it into a lined tray.
Sprinkle as much slivered almonds on top as you need to.

The oven was preheated to 180(fan forced)
I cooked it for just under 50 minutes.

I had a piece hot with sprinkled icing sugar. 

Original recipe is here

Also this week, I got. Ahead start on the next prompt word for the 52 Week Illustration challenge was "bucket list" . My immediate thought was to do a picture of me getting ready to travel. My first journey coming up soon, heading to Bali for my nieces wedding. My irrational fear of flying will have to be placed aside and I am actually heading off in a plane. 😱

I am also a firm believer of marriage equality. So a little #watercolour was done ...

I have nothing on the homeschool front...the twins have been so incredibly sick...

That's about it for the week. If you are visiting from ppf, I appreciate your lovely keep me inspired to paint and draw. Thank you.
And to anyone else who visits...thank you too....would love to hear from

Until next time
Lots of it


Christine said...

Love your art, wow, Bali. So sorry to hear about the illness though.

Clare Lloyd said...

Great watercolours and cake.

sirkkis said...

Love your expressive paintings.
Happy PPF and weekend xx

Linda Kunsman said...

So sorry to hear everyone is so sick. That's a yummy looking cake and perhaps along with a cup of tea it would help. Beautiful watercolor projects! happy PPF!

Beth Niquette said...

I loved your pictures of the yummy kitchen makings--and your watercolors are so sweet. I especially loved the second one. I'm so sorry to hear your twins are ill. I shall pray that they get well very quickly. ((hugs))

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

So sorry about all the sickness. The cake looks sooo good and your art is wonderful.