Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Math Resources

I am forever on the look out for great resources.
Here are some that we use, and have used at home, and I have began tutoring so I will be using these resources for those children as well.

MAB blocks


3D shapes and volume

Versa tiles have a variety of booklets for most subjects and many hades.

Unifix cubes

Place value discs. 


Dice...do not underestimate what you can do with these little gems

I am a firm believer that you also don't have to spend a whole lot of money on worksheets, in fact, many can be found free or really cheaply.

Here is the link to my MATHS HOMESCHOOL Pinterest page.  

Hope you find some useful links there.

We have also used many text book style books for maths as well.

These series of books have been one of the best.

The Understanding  Year __  Maths

If you have any questions about how we approach maths in our home schooling, how I have taught the children a particular concept, or any other maths related, program related question, I am happy for you to comment below.

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Tamara Kidd said...

I love so many of these already! I want to see Versitiles used, have you got a post about it?

Mandy said...

Hey Tamara
No I don't have a post on them, but maybe I can do that for next Tuesday....they are like the old tutor system...