Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Thoughtful Shopping

Saving money is fun. The more you save, the more you want to do it. Whether it is out of necessity, or whether it is because you are wanting to save for a bigger purchase. Whether you are worried about wastage of resources and the effect that it has on the environment, and by not buying much you indirectly save. Or saving to accumulate wealth. I think saving money is a good thing.

For me personally, I am all about saving for the bigger things, and about the effect that buying "stuff" has on the environment, so I indirectly save. 

I recently watched a series on Australian ABC tv called War on Waste
I am sure it is still on iview to watch, here is  another link that may be helpful.

War On Waste

Since watching this, I have certainly changed my ways around the house.

But, I digress.

My point is, that the less you buy, the less you will spend so the more you save. It is so very simple.

Really think about whether you want to buy an item or not. Try not to impulse buy. Mull over the item. Ask yourself do you really need it. Do you have something similar at home that you could make do with? Think about the resources wasted to make the item. Think about whether the item will last you a while, or only give you some instant gratification.

I'm not saying don't buy anything new. Just think about each purchase. 

It's such a simple thing but it really works. Thoughtful shopping. I recently read somewhere that 80 billion clothing items are made each year, and of that 15 to 25% goes into landfill. That is a scary thought. It also means we buy a lot!

I know that I will be shopping to purchase quality things from this point on, and I will be making do with what I own for a while. No more " disposable fashion" for me for a while. 

 I have written mostly about clothing, but this can be for anything really. Phones, TVs, furniture. The more thought you put into a purchase, the more likely you are to realise that 9 times out of ten you don't really need it, and in doing so, buying less and saving money. 
Trust me, no one is going to notice that the shoes you are wearing to the hens night were the ones you wore to your  nieces wedding...😉

Give it a try.  Let me know how you go with your "thoughtful shopping". excited to read this. I did put a lot of thought into this purchase. I was going to 
borrow it from my local library, however I decided that I will buy it as I want all of my children to learn about how to save money...a terrific investment as far as I'm concerned. 

Anyhow, that's it from me...

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Until next time
Lots of it

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