Friday, July 14, 2017

Paint Your Own Art and PPF

Today is Paint Party Friday. You will find the link to your right, on my sidebar.
I am loving doing these children's illustrations on 52 Weeks Illustration Challenge. Some of my earliest memories as a child are of me sitting at the kitchen table drawing with a humble lead pencil, and an exercise book or a piece of butchers paper from mum's shopping, that I would de-crinkle , flatten out, and use.

This weeks theme or prompt word  was "growth".
I immediately thought about a pregnant belly, having grown 6 myself, it is one of my favourite times of life. I loved being pregnant. Here is a new mum, in thought, wondering how her life will change. I went away from my usual circle, but think I maybe should have done it still. Oh well. You live and learn.

I also thought it would be nice to show you how to make your very own piece that you can frame and hang up in your house.

I copied a generic peace sign from the internet. Then I held it up to the light, put the paper I was painting on in front and roughly drew where I needed to paint.

 I used water colours to draw leaves and flowers and filling in between. 

I then sticky taped the outline to the painting and using a craft knife, cut out around the shape. 

And there you have it.
A simple little thing to frame. I will be on the search to find a frame just for this. I am quite happy with it.

I thought I better start to live up to the name of my blog and create the peace sign. 

And now, some of my favourite paintings from the past little bit. I did a course at Willowing, which many of these came from, and which I thoroughly enjoyed, it was a Fairy Tale course, thus all the Fairy Tale characters.

                                                                      My own

Tamara's lesson from Willowing

           A lesson from the Willowing course

A spin off from the lesson from willowing.

My own design, this is actually Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

                                                Red Riding Hood, lesson from Willowing course.

                                                 Goldilocks and the three bears, my own design.

                                             A little piece I did...

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Let me know if you give my little peace sign a go.
And, I am definitely looking forward to seeing everyone elses paintings for PAINT PARTY FRIDAY.

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Until next time
Lots of it


JKW said...

Your kids and animals are adorable. I like what you did with them. Blessings, Janet

Jennifer McLean said...

First, your art is lovely, all the faces are so well done. But I have to comment on your orange, honey and almond cake! NEVER do I get the pleasure of randomly dropping in to a blog and finding a recipe I can ACTUALLY have, lol (I have celiac and a bunch of other allergies). Thank you, I'm totally stealing this for the next cheat day indulgence. Yummy and wholly not bad for you! Thanks again, have a lovely weekend. Visiting from PPF!

sirkkis said...

I really love your adorable child and animal paintings as well the others are gorgeous. You detail them perfectly.
Happy PPF xx

Mandy said...

Thank you...xx

Mandy said...

Thank you Jennifer ..stay tuned...I make a lot of wholefood tyoe of stuff...I geneally omit dairy and sugar and wheat for myself...ibs here.. :-( if you lived close I would give you some organic oranges for it..thabks for popping by...xx

Mandy said...

Thank you so much...I do rather kiddy tyle stufd don't I love it.

Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mandy said...

Thank you Jennifer ..stay tuned...I make a lot of wholefood tyoe of stuff...I geneally omit dairy and sugar and wheat for myself...ibs here.. :-( if you lived close I would give you some organic oranges for it..thabks for popping by...xx

Mandy said...

Thank you...xx

Christine said...

Lovely work Mandy, you have a great style!

Linda Kunsman said...

wow- what a plethora of beautiful, beautiful art projects! I love Tam's style and am still working on some of her online class lessons;) Congrats on being cover girl at PPF this week, and happy PPF!

carol l mckenna said...

Hard to pick a favorite ~ they are all good ~ love the pregnant Mom ~ and the Harry Potter one ~ but they are all wonderful! ^_^

Sarah Leonard said...

So much lovely art all in one post! Happy PPF from No 34 :D

Faye said...

Mandy, what a lot of fun art you are showing this week. I love the Little Red Ridinghood from the past. Your first painting, though, is my favorite with those very yummy colors. And your Peace piece is great. We can sure use more peace.

Viola said...

So many fabulous fairy tales paintings, I love them all! I was thinking to take that workshop too, but right now there is no time.

denthe said...

Wow, you have been doing a lot! Red Riding Hood is my favorite. Gorgeous peace sign too. Very needed in these difficult times also! thanks for sharing!

stefanie stark said...

I agree, you really did a lot and I am totally impressed. I love the pregnant woman, it's wonderful as well as the many cute willowing paintings. Red Riding Hood is my favourite too.

Susan said...

You are busy! My faves are peace and hope, both thoughts that weigh on all of us these days. Nice collection of paintings. Happy PPF

Giggles said...

Absolutely adorable paintings... love the pregnant mom sweet all of it!! I love all peace signs! Peace is so important to me. My favourite piece of jewelry is a sparkly peace sign....Yours sign is gorgeous!! Good job, thanks for the tutorial too!!

Hugs Giggles

Sandee Setliff said...

wow, love all your art pieces, just gorgeous!

Courtney said...

Amazing pieces! You've been busy creating! I love all of them....especially the Luna Lovegood. (I love Harry Potter things!) Willowing classes are great. I've done LB several years, but not any of the others. Happy PPF!! :)

SLScheibe said...

Wow! I so love your take on the Willowing art. You have such a wonderful, whimsical style and it's adorable. Luna is soooo cool! Love her!