Thursday, July 27, 2017

Meal Prep and Recipes

I have tried many food programs, perpetually in the process of putting weight on and losing it. At the moment I am in need of losing it. I have tried several meal type ones that you prepare yourself, and the ones that are aimed at you losing weight, and specifically paleo meal plans. I am yet to find one that I find tasty, going as far as throwing out some because I disliked them that much. I couldn't even get Raymond interested in them.

So, I had heard of a new one, foober, that does meal plans and it looked delicious and had heard it tastes good too. So I get on the site,  check out the meals, swap them around a little, and then proceed to order. Guess what! They don't deliver to my area as yet. 

Oh well...their loss. So, I decided to go down to the shops, buy stuff for me to cook, and proceeded cooking. 2 hours later, and 19 meals are prepped. And, I have bought a punnets of strawberries and some date rolls crusted with pistachios. Snacks for the week.

I cooked 4 meals.
Spaghetti Bol with spiralised zucchini
Thai red curry with cauli rice
Chicken cacciatore with sliced sweet potato
Bacon and vegetable frittata 

From home, 
1/2 cauliflower
4 onions
Some greens from the garden
Herbs from the garden
A small sweet potato
2 tins of coconut milk
Squeeze of tomato paste
Handful of sliced mushrooms
Streaky bacon slices

From the shops I bought
4 packets of plastic containers which I will re use $8
Grass fed mince $7.93
Chicken breast $8.66
Garlic $2
Chicken lovely legs $6
Bag of capsicums $3.30
Broccoli $1.35
Zucchinis $1.20
Bag of carrots $1.20
Bag tomatoes $5.10
free range eggs $4.20
Diced tomatoes $1.10
Strawberries $2
Date rolls $7.00

Now, I only used half of the tomatoes, not all the containers, nor the capsicums and carrots.
So I would take off $4 for that giving a total spent of $55. Now, this got me 19 meals, which is about $2.90 per meal. Yeah, maybe add another $10 if I had to buy the items I already had at home. Regardless, it's still a very cheap paleo Week.

I'd love to share the recipes over the weeks to come, but I will share the bacon and vegeatable frittata.

2 cloves of chopped garlic
One chopped onion
One red capsicum chopped
2 small zucchinis chopped
2 carrots chopped
Some spinach, maybe 3 leaves, 
Half a broccoli
3 tomatoes chopped
Fry that all up in some olive oil an drew pop it into a rectangle tray. Make sure you rub olive oil onto the container to make for easy removal.

Cook up about 5 strips of streaky bacon and then cut up and spread over the top.

Crack 12 eggs into a container and half a tin of coconut milk. Stir well then pour over the Bebe and bacon mixture.
.my coconut milk had some hard chunks on the top so I broke these up and spread them over the top, along with some cashew cheese.

Bake until cooked. 

Well, I hope you have found this helpful. Let me know if you give this paleo recipe a try.

Would love to hear if you have any good paleo recipes I can try for my next meal prep session.

Until next time
Lots of it

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