Thursday, July 13, 2017

Home Tour Part 1

Today is all about home and garden. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the rooms I love to hang in. 

I don't spend a lot on furniture and home decor. I have in the past, but honestly, in our house it doesn't last any longer so we are happy with IKEA mostly, with sparklings of kmart and my house and adairs. 

The room that I am mostly in, is the front room, as we affectionately  call it, or, our living room. It's really meant to be a formal lounge and dining, but we have just turned it into one big room to hang, play games in and watch tv. Well, actually, we watch a whole lot of movies. 

So, here it is.

Here is my entry. It is a kind of funny shape. It has 6 sides, but it holds our beloved fiction books, well, some of them, and my precious Harry Potter collection...tad obsession

Here is the dining area. We have had this table for many years. I fell in love with it all those years was shiny and made from recycled wood. I am wanting to get some black industrial chairs to go with it. I think that will go really well....need to paint the walls and get some decent pictures up on the wall...
This room also has what we call the "new unit" which  holds all our bulk from old stuff basically. We have had is for about 15 years so it's not really

Well, there it is. A few rooms. Very ordinary, but it's home.
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Until next time
lots of it

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Giggles said...

Comfy, cozy, artistic and beautiful!! I love it!! You have a gorgeous space to live in!! Very happy place indeed!!

Hugs Giggles