Monday, July 10, 2017

Marmalade Recipe

Today is RECIPE day.
Overt the weekend I made some orange butter and marmalade. We have a tree full of itty bitty oranges, and we won't eat them all. So, I picked a whole lot of them and got to cooking.

I used THIS recipe but had to tweek it a little.

Gather all your equipment.

Slice up your 6 little oranges, zest and juice of one lemon, add your 6 cups of filtered water and boil. I did this for about 10 minutes.

Don't forget to boil/sterilize your jars and screw tops for 10 minutes. keep in the pot hot until ready to pour the jam.

Once the skins are softened, you were supposed to add 3 pounds and 12 ounces of sugar. I popped this into a converter and apparently it is supposed to be 1.5 kilos, or 7 cups of sugar. Boil it up constantly stirring. you are supposed to do this until the jam, when added to a cold plate, gels up. I had to leave mine on for half an hour.

 Take your jars and, be careful...they are hot!!!! as is the jam, so keep little ones and pets away

Pour the jam into the jars, stopping just under the screw part of the jar.

Pop the lid and the screw top on. Screw up but not too tight...just so its sealed, and pop into the hot boiling water. Use the tongs. Boil, or water bath for 10 minutes.
make sure the water is about 3 cm above the top of the lids, so the jars will be totally submerged. Some tiny bubbles come from the jars, but it still doesn't get water in there if you have put the lids on properly.

Take them out carefully, making sure you don't touch the lids and especially don't touch the top...they will pop in on their own as they cool down. If you hear the pop that is perfect. It means it worked. If you didn't hear the pop it means it didn't seal properly, so you let these ones cool and keep in the fridge and use right away. 

I popped little stickers on mine, with date of jarring, although I doubt these will last long enough in our family for me to worry


Well...there you have it. This made 4 whole jars and a little left over to use straight away.

Let me know if you give this a go. I figured out this would have cost about $0.40 per jar. Pretty good right.

Until next time
lots of it


Victoria said...

Wow, yum, this looks so gorgeous and beautiful..the colors are awesome..I wish I could taste it! Enjoy your marmalade! I have never heard of orange butter..looks fab!

Mandy said...

Thank you Victoria. It s delicious. And the orange butter goes down a treat on some toast...thank you...xx