Monday, July 17, 2017

Busy Busy

So, the weekend went by and for the last couple of weeks, and today, I have been sorting out resources for the kids new term of school work.

My go to place is AMAZON, and sadly, it is still cheaper getting the resources from there as opposed to buying here in Australia, even including postage.

I love games and manipulatives that can go alongside their learning. Even when they are older. Science by far has the best resources. 

I will show what I have for them when its home school

I feel a tad disappointed as I usually head off to a local market, and was heading to an open day at a local museum, to show Miss Maddie some artifacts that were dug up at a local historical site, since now she has a huge interest in archaeology. But, she had other plans and thought sleeping was a better idea. We should be able to see them at another time so all is not lost.

A few days ago I had a lot of oranges that I had picked and decided to make some cordial. Yeah, its got lots of sugar, but hey, I had a little try of it and it was delicious.

All I did was juice 15 mini oranges, which was about 600 mls of juice.
I then placed into a pot 600 mls of water, and one cup of sugar. Heated it up on the stove until the sugar had dissolved, constantly stirring. 
I then added the juice and about a tablespoon of citric acid. It gave it just the right amount of tang.
Stirred until combined and let it cool a little. I then poured it into a bottle from ikea, and made up a couple of diluted bottles of cordial for the fridge.

I made another swap of home grown produce over the weekend. I am so happy with how the group is going, and I tried turning these and some oranges into marmalade. As it turns out, EPIC fail. Got to them this morning and they weren't set. So rebuild and forgot about it and it boiled over, I spent a least one hour cleaning the stove AND it appears I cooked it too long and it's a very dark colour. Bitter as....but at least it actually
Not everything works out.

I actually had a small amount left in the bottom so as I was sterilizing more jars I left the jam on. These seemed to have turned out well...they are the two to the left.

This is a two in one post...weekend ramblings and a frittata recipe.

4 trimmed and chopped pieces of bacon
However many leafy greens you have chopped
One leek
Some herbs (I used mint, some fennel tops and curly parsley)
A couple of garlic cloves
12 free range eggs
1/3 a tin of coconut cream/milk
Fry up the bacon, and then add the herbs, garlic and veggies. Cook.
Cover the pan with some coconut oil and then place the cooked food evenly across the pan.
Crack the twelve eggs into a bowl along with the third of a tin of coconut cream. Whisk.
Pour over the bacon and veggies.
Cook in the oven on about 180 degrees Celsius until cooked. I had mine in for about 20 ish minutes.
Until next time
lots of it

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