Sunday, July 30, 2017

Chopping off My Nails

Seriously...I have never had my nails done. So, almost two weeks ago, I went to one of those mal places and had some acrylic nails put on, and hadn't black painted on my nails.

It cost $55 and thought, that's ok, just over $1 per year. I can handle that...hahaha

Well, before I had even paid for  them I had pulled my right thumb nail right back and it was on the verge of breaking.

My nails hurt so much. Who would have thought getting your nails done caused pain.


I went to get my bank card out of my wallet....and couldn't.

I went to sign my name for a parcel and couldn't hold a pen.

I wanted to draw but....Couldn't.

I couldn't wash my hands, nor put on my make up, nor do my jeans up nor put on a bra.

 Couldn't prepare food, nor type on my phone and iPad.

I couldn't Garden, and I had trouble turning on taps.

I felt like I had these alien things and the end of my hands and I didn't like it one little bit.

I thought you needed special scissors to cut them and I thought I needed to go back and for them to redo the polish before they cut them.

Just yesterday, as I was trying to draw, I had a little freak out attack, got a pair of scissors, and just chopped the damn things off. They are still longish, and they still feel like these little weird extensions that don't belong to me...but they are soooo much better.

I had the experience....I didn't like it...I won't do it again.

Here is an interesting article on the risks of getting your nails done

Here s a link about safe nail polishes. We all know they have some harmful chemicals in them...what can I say?! I got carried away and forgot when I was getting mine done.

Rather a random post I know....

Oh...and here are my first radishes ever...a little soft, but pretty is that colour....

Ok....well that's it from me

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Until next time
Lots of it

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Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I used to get my nails done regularly, but I just had them work with my natural nails. Yours look pretty, but I can definitely understand the frustration if you couldn't do anything with them... The radishes are lovely.