Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chemistry For Home Schooling

My kids have tried many Science curriculums, and they have completed quite a few kits, lots of  experiments and learning. At some point during the rest of this year the kids will be completing more of their NOEO Chemistry as in each work.

This is a very comprehensive curriculum I bought several years ago. It cost me almost $400, however, I think it was worth it. It is actually a little different to this set shown in the photo, but this one is the latest one.

It has a 36 week lesson plan, which we will be using only some of these as we have previously done much of the historical aspect of chemistry, the upcoming work will be more experiments, looking at metals, non metals, chemical reaction, atoms, molecules just to name a few.

I have made a little booklet for them to go with it, as well as them writing up experiments they will be doing. This should more than cover the outcomes for Stage 5 science, and, along with this wonderful looking thing, can't wait to let them play and learn all about chemistry.


It was purchased from Amazon, and cost close to $100 but it will be worth the money as I believe it will be fun to use and very educational. I am awaiting very impatiently for this one...lol...

As a note, I make no money for promoting these resources. I just hunk hey are great tools to us for high school home schooling.

Here are some great links for activities, information and worksheets.


This link uses lego.


 Video on chemical reactions


A game to print off on elements.


Another game


Lots here

Chemistry worksheets


Periodic table battleship game


Bingo Game to print


Lots here to look at


There's  so much available online.

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