Friday, April 22, 2011

Simple Garland to Make, and my little birdie..

Hi there
Hope Good Friday is fabulous for you...I am up having my traditional quiet coffee and hot cross buns for Easter Friday...
I have been known to paint little birds...well..I thought I'd try my hand at sewing some...I got to make was quite quick and easy, but i did put the string in the wrong spot...the next one will be better's not too bad though!!!

I also made some simple garland...all I did was get some pretty twine in a pale green colour, and threaded some buttons on it evenly spaced, they stayed there without anything else being done to SIMPLE...

Also, over at POPPYTALK...I found a cute little tutorial on how to make this little bunting out of old cereal boxes...well...I made it simpler so the twins could do it, just used paper and  CUTE does it look...great job Jacob and Maddie...

Finally...I have made another garland, over the next couple of months I will try and get a few things made and place them on never know right, and in all honesty, I have nothing to lose...I just love pretty garlands, I made 3 for the new babies in our family, I have made an Easter one and now a spare one...they are quite

Until next time
happy Easter
and lots of it
love that is!!!


Samantha said...

and a very Happy Easter to you too! totally love your birdie and banners! so effective! love the pattern for your birdie! {HUGS}

creatingme said...

This is all way too cute. I love how they all look hanging together! Oh, and the buttons! ...but I love the birdie best of all!!!

Kristin said...

LOVE the birdie! See, you have really found something there - it could be your trademark!! LOVe the garland too - can't wait to see them on Etsy.
Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family, xoxo