Friday, April 29, 2011

I'll tell you a little secret...

When I was younger I was a huge royalist...I know...hard to believe right!!!!I bought every book there was on the royals, but mostly about Lady Diana. My dream was to have a cup of tea with her one day. I watched her wedding in absolute awe. She was just so beautiful and such a wonderful human, so loving and caring, and the fact that she came from a sinilar profession as I did probably had alot to do with it!!!
I have long since gotten rid of my royal books and I'm not much of a royalist these days, though I was devastated the day she died and remember exactly where I was standing when I heard the news... that special lady's little boy is getting married..William was the first portrait I ever drew...the one where he is dressed in the little puffy white suit with blue trim digress!!!. In fact, that pencil  drawing has long gone too...but what I will be doing is watching that brave little boy who walked all that way at his mum's funeral, now an adult, have the happiest day of his life...i will be watching the Royal Wedding tonight...maybe even partaking in a wine to celebrate!!!!
I hope the day is smooth, no dramas from morons, and I hope Kate's dress looks spectacular on her...I hope love prevails with this union and they live HAPPILY EVER AFTER...I mean...what girl doesn't like a happy ending.
Will you be watching it????

Until next time
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Samantha said...

oh i would have never thought :) but yes i was watching and how amazing was it!?

creatingme said...

oh, I love everything English! When I was young a spend a few long stays in England, so loving all this is just a must! I love this photo of them, and I LOVED her dress!!!