Monday, April 4, 2011

A Mixed media canvas...

Hi there

A blog that I regularly visit has a post where she is after some hand made goodies to sell for a fundraiser...A little girl, the age of my twins,10, had a stroke and the family have alot of medical bills, in particular that of the physio that is required to get Lizzy back on track...Leslie, over at words of me project is organising it...I said I would help out and this is what I have done, really my first try at alot of things...I had alot of fun and let me tell you there are alot of layers on this one!!!!
The two hearts beat as one can mean many things and I hope that everyone can see something in it. I also placed little mirrors on so the hearts can represent the person looking at the piece.
I know its not great, but it was made with love and I hope thast it can help out in some little way...
ps..think I am going to have to make another one because Maddie loves
until next time
lots of it


Kristin said...

Oooh, I love it!! I'm gonna do something for Leslie too - thanks for the inspiration - btw, love the mirrors!!
I will have to come back to catch up on the stories (writing this as I am supposed to be helping K with her homework ;) - eager to hear the rest, xoxoxoxo

scrapwordsmom said...

OMG, Mandy!!!!!!!! This is LOVELY!!! I just may end up bidding on this myself.....Thank you so sweet of you!!!!


Emakesart said...

This is beautiful!! I love the texture (shocking, i know, LOL!!)

I also wanted to let you know that I did read your 1st post about your babies when you posted it, but then I was kinda depressed and freaked out a bit, so I haven't been able to read anymore at this time. I had a lot of problems in my pregnancy with my son, then he was in the hospital for 10 days after. I know it's not that long compared to what you and others have gone through, but it was still very hard on us. I didn't realize, even though he's 2 now, how fresh it all still is, so just seeing a photo of a baby in the nicu with all the tubes, etc and hearing about it still freaks me out. I thought I'd be over it by now, but I guess not. So I'm really interested in your story, but I can't read it anymore right now. Maybe later. I just wanted to let you know, so you know that I really do care, but that's why I wasn't around lately. I'm so
sorry. I feel bad, but ... I don't know. One day.

with much love, E