Monday, May 23, 2011

people make this a home

Just a quick post via my isn't great as its night time here...just a little experiment really..had fun drawing this little house using black pigment pen and water colour pencils...I think I will frame it and put it in my/ new lounge room when its done..
until next time
Lots of it


Marelize said...

It looks great Mandy! Love the colours! :)

creatingme said...

Well, I LOVE it!!!

scrapwordsmom said...

So love this!

By the way...Little Lizzy LOVED your purse!!! I gave it too her thinking she would and she was THRILLED!!! Her Mom told me to tell you THANK YOU!!:)

amanda73 said...

just gorgeous, this will look lovely hanging in your lounge room

Emakesart said...

Mandy I LOVE this!!! Every thing about it is wonderful.

And I just read the post below too... I'm so sorry Jacob was sick again... ug.. my heart breaks for you. For you all to have to go through that repeatedly just sucks! I wish I could help. You'll continue to be in my prayers.


Kristin said...

I really love this! Love the check marks as grass - such a whimsical feel to it - but it's missing one of your birds ;) Thank you for your sweet congratulations too ;) xoox

Kristin said...

We are on at the same time!
I think she was about 2 when that telegram was sent from her dad - I have an entire scrapbook of cards and memorabilia that SHE was selling at a garage sale - how sad is that? Her mom had saved everything for her and she just got rid of it. Dave got it for me and at first I was sad, and then I thought, well, how perfect that I got it - I will be able to pass some of the magic on and let it live through the art of others - it is where a lot of the shares I have been using lately come from.
How is Jacob? Love to you, xoxo