Sunday, May 29, 2011

Better late than never.....

Hi there...I did a big post on Cam's 18th birthday at the beginning of this month, and in the hecticness of May I have been slack and not put in one for Jess, who turned 21 Jacob who turned 10 and Maddie who turned 10...all on the 4th of May...we had a bit of a family and a few friends get together, around 50, at my place that weekend...lots of fun was had and yummy food was eaten...I made little banners for the kids cakes...and they were delicious chocolate mud cakes I whipped you can see our family, well it was my quite huggy!!!In my family, we have now the grand total os 36 peeps....we all live close by and are a very close family...Esther, this post is prompted by you as you said you liked my little banners so I thought I'd show you the ones on the cakes...hee hee hee...

until next time
lots of it


Emakesart said...

You KNOW I DO like your banners! And the ones on the cakes, oh my gosh!!! I love them!! I want a cake with banners! Maybe I'll paint myself one, lol!!! Mandy, you rock!!

And happy birthday to Jess, Jacob, and Maddie!

creatingme said...

Your fam is so beautiful. I love how huggy and lovey they are! The last pic is my fav though.