Thursday, May 5, 2011

Again with the Happy Birthday...

Yes...I didn't plan it too on the 4th May Jessica, Jacob and Maddie celebrated their birthdays...3 days after Camerons...needless to say its a busy week at our household...this saturday we are having a little party to celebrate the 4 birthdays...Jessica's 21st and Cameron's 18th plus the twins turning double digits...the twins were due in july, but 10 weeks early, so Jessica was pretty upset that the early arrival of the twins put a holt to the slumber party we had planned for hewr 11th birthday!!!!!
It's ten years later...WoW!!!!where did the time go!!!???
Happy birthday to my 3 beautiful are all amazing and awesome and I am so proud of you
until next time
lots of it


amanda73 said...

happy birthday to all you kiddies havin birthdays..... Alex is only about a month older than cam.... hope he's doing you alot prouder than alex is doing me lol....... love the pics in the previous post.

Kristin said...

Oooh, so much to love! Happy birthday to your babies and thank you so much for your support for the Summer of Color - so excited! xoxo