Tuesday, October 12, 2010

some befores and afters...so far

So...yesterday I  painted the little back room...here you will see the before and the after...I am still yet to fix the skirting boards...but these will be done by tonight...i am also going to sand some of the boarder paint off to expose the wood behind the paint...give it a slightly beachy feel....lots more to come....

hope you like the befores and afters on the back frame...this frame is from ikea..it was ony 17 dollars...but it is a frame thats not meant to come apart...it was tricky, but you know me...i love colour....popped these little crocheted flowers in after painting over the top of the trees that were in the frame to begin with...cute don't think????

aso, this black frame is plastic..it cost $7....i put Jacobs art in it...how cool does it look????

well...thats it until i get the curtains and furniture in....check out the cute little light fitting...it was a do it yourselfer...gotta love those!!!

until next time
lots of it


Shona Cole said...

Mandy, the room looks great. I hope that your son is doing better and that you have been able to find someone to talk to about his issues. I can imagine how hard it is on you, to watch him suffer. Oh my goodness.
It is good to have a house project to focus on. I bet he loves it.

Ann-Marie said...

Heya Mandy ... I hope that everything turns out well for jacob. I can't even imagine the position your in. Big hugs to you chick (((()))) As for the room .. maaaaan yr making me wanna do a li'l renovating myself! i LOVE the frames ideas!!!

Emakesart said...

I LOVE the framed crochet art..you clever girl you!! So bright and cheerful! And love Jacob's framed art...talented like his Mama!


Angie Bailey said...

Hello Gorgeous:)

Long time no speak. Your place is looking amazing hun, sorry to hear about Jacob, sending you loads of positive healing for him and the family.

Love you new creative art in the frames DEVINE!!

Hope this reaches you safe and well.

Mwah & Hugs Angie xoxoxoxox

Kristin said...

I love it! My favorite is the crochet pieces in that frame - such a cool idea! I'm glad that you are all enjoying the process and that you are creating something so cool for you all - and Jacob's art is fab too - please tell him that we are all impressed, xo

Marelize said...

You've been a busy little bee Mandy. The room looks great and fab idea with those frames.
Take care.