Monday, October 11, 2010

Here is" the room"

Yes...our life has been a shambles lately with Jacob going into hospital and just ife really. So on the weekend I said to my husband we'll fix this room up for Jacob.. We are still waiting for the delivery of the furniture...but i'll show you where we sadly keep Jacob's school was not always like this, its just come to being in a box of trecked to ikea and bought some storage sheves and some new lounges to hang out on...i got a gorgeous nippon coour for the bottom half...nettle 2 a dulux paint, and for the top we got moonight...just a slightly off white...i think you won't get to see the after shots til the the weekend....i here is one sad before shot...oh...we are aso changing the skirting boards as well...also need some more decorations too...this will be a coupe of weeks...but i'l show you the progress...this is the priority to get his activity room done....its not a big room, but that doesn't mean we can't make it look ok...
until next time
lots of it


Lisa K said...

I bet you will make it amazing - I hope hes alright - the poor cherub!

amanda73 said...

i think it will look awesome, i hope he is getting better, i cant imagine what you go through with his poor health