Saturday, February 10, 2018

Owning A Pet

We have had Byron the Labrador for 5 years. He is like part of the family, and just quietly he thinks he is a human!

He had to visit the vet last week as he had a rash on his belly and he seemed to be scratching at his ears.

It turned out that he had a very little infection in his ears, apparently from all the humid weather, and he had just a bit of inflammation on his belly, so he got some meds to help with both. Almost a week has gone by and he is almost back to new.

Dogs are truly a great addition to a family. Who else will listen with such intensity to your problems with no judgement. Dogs in particular are great walking buddies (don’t forget to take a bag to clean up their poops). They also have been known to have great health benefits and are great for anxiety and other mental illnesses. I guess that’s why they have companion pets right.

He is certainly not an inside dog but he does come inside (and goes quite crazy at times running and sliding on the floor) and enjoy the coolness on those really hot days.

He has been on a diet for a while now as he is a little bit too well fed, so we give him a little food in the morning then a little more half way through the day. I think he has lost a little which is good. The walks help as well.

I have included a little video of Byron, with all his slobber, and tongue licking and food am new to creating videos so any suggestions would be welcome....

I would ❤️❤️❤️ to hear about your pets. So let me know about them in the comments.

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