Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A new Blog

Hey everyone. I have been fairly quiet in blogland of late. I have still been visiting, but not getting much done myself. Home education is a full time job. It's insanely busy, thereare moments when I feel I am about to implode. But, of course I don't.
I have made another blog with the kids called... REALLY! HOME's a little journey of our antics, with results of all their, and my, hard work.
Home education is quite a lifestyle choice. We started it with Jacob due to his health issues, and then Maddie began it this year. They are doing through Distance Education. But as of now, I have started Connor through the Board Of Studies. He has been sick 5 times already this year missing too much schooling. You can't just whip your kids out of school. You have to apply and be very prepared with what you plan to teach them. It's been too many hours of hard work, but it's been interesting.
Enough of that. Today we looked at the rennaissance period, and looked at Da Vinci's works of art. We listened to Verdi's La Traviata and had fun using paints and pencils and charcoal. YUM!!!





Would love for you to check out our new blog.

Until next time
lots of it


Jenny said...

Oh Mandy... I can only imagine how busy it must be... but good on you... such a big job... but so awesome... and I love everyone's artwork... and how fabulous you get to share in that...

Jenny x

Kristin said...

Oh congratulations, you! It must be crazy busy, I'll go check it out ;) xoxo