Friday, June 17, 2011

Tea Towel Tote Plus Giveaway

How's that for alliteration!!!

As promised here is a very simple tutorial on how to make a shopping tote/bag out of a tea towel and a small piece of fabric or two...I am really not a sewer as you will

you'll need
a tea towel
another piece of fabric 14cm wide x width of fabric
a piece of fabric the same size as the tea towel
sewing machine

1.Take your t towel(tt) and your piece of fabric and cut the fabric the same size as the tt.
2.Cut a piece of fabric the whole width of a piece of the fabric 14 cm..I just tore mine...makes life easier...

3. Fold onto itself and stitch down the length of the strip using a 1cm seam.

4. Turn inside out and iron. Then cut in half...this creates the 2 handles.

5. Fold the tt in half good side facing in and then sew down the 2 sides...I just stitched at the edge of the tt seam...
6. Around 7cm up from the bottom corneryou need to fold the seem over onto itself and about 7 cms up sew across the l;ooking at the photo..its hard to describe
7. Do the exact same for the lining.
8. Join the two bags together folding down a 1cm(or so) hem and pin together lining uip both seams and placing the handles in as shown.

9. Sew around the top about half a cm from the top.
10. Give it a shake and there you have it. I am probably going to sew the handles in a bit more actually, although it has been holding my shopping all week with no problems so far...

Would love to hear if you make one of these.

Ok...A quick giveaway too. Yesterday whilst out shopping for a book Target was having a flurry of pallets of bits and bbs on sale...Needless to say the mention of sale drew my attention as I was passing by a whole heap of women so I hung around and got a couple of bargains..I picked up a dozen cushions for 87 cents each!!!!!Seriously some were beautiful and some not quite my style but I still grabbed them for the inserts... A couple were like this, cats not being one of my fav thing on a cushion, but when they rung them through at the checkput the sales assistant goes...OHHHH!!!AREN"T THESE know many of you love cats out there...I thought maybe some of you girls might like one...just the cover though ...just let me know and I am happy to post anywhere...I have 3...if more than 3 of you want them I'll just draw out of a hat...

until next time
lots of it


linda said...

Thank you for posting your instructions, the bag you made looks fabulous and so well made. I'm off to hunt for some nice teatowels. Good clear instructions by the way.

Agnes said...

HI, Interested and want to know where to buy teabags :)

missy k said...

I'd love your cat cushion!!! It's really cute :)


Anonymous said...

I'm not a cat person either, but that is such a great idea to snap them up cheap to use the inserts!