Wednesday, June 30, 2010

winners...domestic goodness and jacob's 1st mixed media piece...

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the most beautiful celebration for my team members and I of the flag unfurling ceremony...yes, it's a bowls competition and many of you would yawn...but it's a great game with so many gorgeous people that play, even Jacob had started to play, so does my very cool son Cameron,, just thought i'd share this photo with you....we were the number 2 pennant team, and to win the flag for your district is a pretty good thing, and it was my first year at pennants too, so i'm doubly

next on the agenda, I can't believe this, but I have fallen in love with vintage aprons and linen, here is my latest buy, not that I have bought many, but i just thought i'd share me bargain ebay buy...gee, if you reall knew me in person you woud soon know that i am a bit of a spill things, especialy when i cook...i wash my hands a million times and wipe them on about 3 tea towes as i cook...o these will be perfect for me...everyone put these on...even hubby...hee hee hee..

next, some random shots...i just spring ceaned the twins room, and bought them this bargain rug, 23 dollars from spotlight, they refound the lego and had a joyous afternoon in their renewed room...
connorpaying on the new pure wool rug in our front room...its gorgeous!!!so is

and finaly, i woud love to share with you jacobs first mixede media piece...he is all for saving whales and the earth...he's a huge greenie in the making...he decided to do this collage on something he is passionate about....he had a bal doing it as to get messy like his mum...

well...i know its long and if you have read to here i greatly appreciate your time..oh...the aprons cost $5.45 plus postage btw...i did say bargain didn't i...

one more thing...thanks to lindsay from banter...i was so lucky to win this beautiful bag she made...its very sturdy and is now my camera bag...she is a wonderful artist to boot!!!check her blog out here

oops...forgot to show you my finished stuffed crocheted cushion...the kids love

until next time
lots of it


Kristi said...

mixed media art...wonderful, great use of materials and saving the earth is ALWAYS a win!
Aprons, holy cow, a total bargain.
bowls competition, pennant = fun!
great post and fun read!

Trudy Callan said...

Love your crocheted cushions. So pretty. Jacob did a wonderful job on his collage. What's so great about it is he did about something he is very passionate about. Nice to see young people passionate about something and moving forward with it to make a difference. Please let him know I am proud of him and to keep it up.

I love vintage aprons. I wear an apron when I'm in the kitchen and cleaning house. It saves my clothes from getting all stained up.


Kristin said...

Hi friend!
What a great post - you've been busy this week! LOVE the aprons and I too am a fan (although I never actually wear them - just collect them - as if I need another obsession . . .) and your crocheted cushion are so fabulous! I love all the bold color and circular patterns. AND HOW COOL is your little "greenie" in the making - you are an inspiration to more than just us . . .
Oh! And thank you for your kind comment about Somerset - it is a first for me and I am beside myself with excitement, Kristin xo

roaldwilla said...

I like beautiful bag and cushion very much. Nice work done on cushions. I also like your vintage aprons's collection..

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Contessa Kris said...

THanks so much for stopping by recently and commenting on my silly plastic fork post. They are now officially gone and people are having to wash real ones. lol

I'm in love with your crocheted round cushion! I took up crocheting again this year. DO you have a pattern for that? I've love to try it.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love that crocheted cushion!!!!