Monday, November 2, 2009

All Gone

Thanks to all the girls that put their hand up for some of my little flowers and charms...can't wait to send them to you and see what you do with them....I have gotten in tough with you all via email or your blogs and asked you to email me your address so I can post them off....

Happy Monday everyone...Its a busy week for rego today and shopping with a friend to help her pick clothes for a fashion parade,
elbourne cup bowls day tomorrow. Maddie has her Sports carnival Wednesday, Thursaday night I am in another bowls comp with my bil...friday i have bowls. saturday will definitely be catch up on housework day.....and Sunday I am off to Double Bay for another bowls comp...If we win 1 out of the 3 games our team will make it to a big playoff for the state...I think thats preety cool...
Anyhows, not much scrapping there is a life outside of
Take Care
Lots of it


lkamphuis said...

Awesome Mandy - best of luck - Not that you will need it!!!

Pauly said...

Good luck with the bowls Mandy and thanks for your sweet comments XXXX